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"A polearm tipped with a sharp point for stabbing opponents in melee combat."

2 kg
Attack 1
13 dmg (blunt)
2.6 seconds cooldown
20% armor penetration
Attack 2 
13 dmg (poke)
2.6 seconds cooldown
20% armor penetration
Attack 3 
23 dmg (stab)
2.6 seconds cooldown
50% armor penetration
Melee Average DPS
Melee Average AP
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75

The spear is a melee weapon that does a large amount of damage, has a fairly long cooldown, and deals sharp damage.

As is typical with any sharp weapon, spear attacks cause bleeding, and generally fares poorly against armor when compared to blunt weapons. Just like the club, the spear is a melee weapon that tribals use - but unlike the club, spears must be produced at a smithy.

Spears have the second highest base damage output out of all melee weapons, with the highest being the longsword. On that note, the spear seems to serve as a middle-ground between the gladius and the longsword, seeing as its damage output and cost also stands right between the two weapons.

It has a great advantage against armored targets, with the stab attack having much greater armor penetration, at 50% base.


Spears can be purchased from any combat supplier or war merchant, or obtained from any melee raiders - with the exception of drifters and thrashers. Spears can also be crafted at any smithy once the long blades research has been completed, from 75 of any metallic or wooden material, and 17,000 ticks (283.33 secs) of work.

Spear vs. Comparable Weapons

This section goes over how well the spear fares against comparable weapons (similar value, tech level or similar characteristics) in 1 vs. 1 combat.


  • All testing is semi-automated which allows for large sample sizes to be gathered per set of results with ease
  • All pawns have a skill level of 8 in melee
  • No pawns have any traits that affect combat performance
  • All pawns are of 18 years of age and completely healthy

Results in the table below are the percentages of battles that spears either won or tied against the weapon listed in the first column of said table, with a sample size of 2,000 battles per result. Higher percentages are better.

The following armor categories are:

Steel spear vs. Unarmored Flak Marine
Steel ikwa 50.95% 62.60% 72.85%
Steel gladius 46.40% 60.45% 69.60%
Steel mace 50.75% 44.15% 31.85%
Steel longsword 36.05% 42.30% 52.30%
Plasteel spear 31.63% 33.30% 35.50%

Plasteel spear vs. Unarmored Flak Marine
Plasteel ikwa 49.35% 60.00% 66.90%
Plasteel gladius 49.00% 59.15% 67.35%
Uranium mace 48.75% 40.75% 25.70%
Plasteel longsword 36.75% 39.20% 46.10%
Steel spear 68.37% 66.70% 64.50%