Smokepop belt

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Smokepop belt

Smokepop belt

An automatic defensive smokescreen. It will release a thick cloud of smoke if the wearer is hit by a projectile, providing line-of-sight cover and preventing turrets from locking on. Single-use.

Market Value
166.32 Silver.png
3 kg
Work To Make
1,200 ticks (20 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 20 + Component 1 + Chemfuel 40

A single-use defensive device that releases a cloud of smoke if the wearer is hit by a projectile.

The smoke reduces hit chance by 70% for any projectile that paths through smoke. Shooters will still be affected by smoke even when neither them nor the targets are standing in it, if there is smoke in between. The smoke released also prevents turrets from locking onto targets. It dissipates after around 30 seconds.

It does not affect melee hit or dodge chances.


On explosion, the smokepop belt covers an area with smoke. The radius depends on the quality of the belt.

Quality Awful Poor Normal Good Excellent Masterwork Legendary
Explosion radius (tiles) 3.4 3.7 4.0 4.3 4.6 5.2 6.0

Note that a larger explosion radius is not necessarily better, as smoke affects both sides of the battle.


It's best used by your workers. The smoke makes it much harder for ranged enemies to hit, allowing your vulnerable colonists to run. One smoke screen can provide cover for multiple colonists.

It works OK with melee colonists, with the smoke giving melee colonists the chance to move in, though you will want to equip the shield belt instead, which isn't one-use and gives more solid protection. You can also use the enemy's own belts to your advantage, as the smoke allows your fighters to close in while being hit much less.

Ranged colonists pair terribly with this as smoke reduces their accuracy as well. It should not be used when other gunners are nearby.