Simple research bench

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{{Template:TNTN|furniture| |name = <translate> Research bench</translate> |image = ResearchBench.png|256px|<translate> Research bench</translate> |info = <translate> Researchers work here to discover new things.</translate> |type = Furniture|<translate> Furniture</translate> |type2 = Research|<translate> Research</translate> |placeable = y |size = 5|2 |hp = 250 |efficiency = |power = |buy = Steel 30 |sell = Steel 15 }}<translate> A research bench is needed for a researcher colonist to work at, and provide research points for the selected, researchable technology.

If no colonist is designated for research, or there is no research bench, progress will not be made towards the selected technology. Researching allows the player to unlock more efficient ways to do certain tasks, leading to better attributes towards different parts of colonists' lives. </translate>

{{Template:TNTN|furniture|wide}} [[Category:<translate> Furniture</translate>]] [[Category:<translate> Research</translate>]]