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Rooms have 'roles’ and stats based on what is inside them. These are automatically-defined values that passively affect the behaviors and potentially the mood of characters in the room. Room roles and stats can be inspected using the room inspection tool found in the bottom right of the screen.

Only some room types grant a mood effect, identified in the table below. To gain this mood effect, the room must be used by a character for its associated purpose (ex. eating at a table in a dining room, sleeping in a bed in a bedroom, using a recreational facility in a rec room). These mood effects are typically applied when a character begins said activity in the room, and last for 24 hours.

While rooms can only have one of the room role labels at a time, they can fill multiple of them simultaneously and grant the benefits. The associate thought and mood effect is triggered only by using the room for its associated purpose for each role. For example, having both a table and a billiards table in the same room will cause it to be labeled as a Rec Room. However, a character will gain the thought about a Dining Room if they eat at the table in that room, as well as gaining the thought about a Rec Room if they utilize one of the recreational activities in the room. If they, for example, only eat in the room and use a recreational activity elsewhere (ex. a Telescope), they'll only gain the dining room thought and not the rec room thought.

Another common example is placing multiple "clean room" facilities, such a research benches, stoves, and hospital beds, in the same room so they all benefit from efforts towards a sterile environment. However, neither the workshop role or the kitchen role has an associated thought, so this is less relevant for mood.

Note that this does not apply across bedroom/barracks types, as beds can only be set to a single "type" per room. For example, marking one bed as being for prisoners marks all beds in that room as being for prisoners, so a room cannot simultaneously be both a bedroom/barracks and a prison cell/barracks.

The Impressiveness of a room only matters for the purposes of rooms with associated thoughts, as the mood benefit (or penalty) scales with the Impressiveness of the room. Impressiveness has no impact on other room types. However, the Beauty of a room applies to character within a room regardless of the room type (even for generic "Rooms"), proportional to how long the character spends in that room, so it can be beneficial to beautify any type of room that characters spend a solid amount of time in.

Cleanliness has different impact for different room types. For kitchens, cleanliness impacts the likelihood of the food having food poisoning. For hospitals, it impacts the chances of a patient getting an infection. For laboratories, it directly adjusts research time. All of these are further modified by the level in the appropriate skill (cooking, medical, intellectual) of the character performing the task.

Current roles include:

Label Mood Impact Related Stats Requirements
Room None None No
Bedroom Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness A single Bed, Bedroll or Sleeping spot
Barracks Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness Multiple Beds, Bedrolls or Sleeping spots
Prison cell Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness A single prisoner's bed, Bedroll or sleeping spot
Prison barracks Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness Multiple prisoner's Beds, Bedrolls or sleeping spots
Dining room Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness Table
Rec room Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness Billiards table, chess table, horseshoes pin
Hospital Yes Beauty, Cleanliness, Space Hospital bed, or any bed marked as Medical
Laboratory No Cleanliness Simple research bench or Hi-tech research bench
Workshop No None Smithing bench, Hand tailor bench, Electric tailor bench, sculptor's table, Stonecutter's table, Butcher table, Machining table, Electric smelter, Brewery, Drug lab, Fabrication bench, or Crafting spot
ThroneroomContent added by the Royalty DLC No Beauty, Cleanliness, Wealth, Space, Impressiveness Meditation throne or Grand meditation throne
TempleContent added by the Ideology DLC * No None A Small/Medium/Large Altar / Ideogram
Kitchen No Cleanliness Electric stove, fueled stove or butcher table
Tomb No None Sarcophagus
Barn No None Animal sleeping spot, Animal bed

* = This room changes to the ideoligion's set temple name if its altar/ideogram was placed.

Other pieces of furniture not mentioned such as chairs should not affect the role of the room. For rooms with the bedroom role, when the bed is given an owner the role of the room will change to "Owner's Bedroom".

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