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*Ores mined by non-colonists (e.g. insects) now spawn forbidden
*Ores mined by non-colonists (e.g. insects) now spawn forbidden
*Alerts now also look at caravan members where appropriate
*Alerts now also look at caravan members where appropriate
*The permadeath savefile is now also renamed when the colony is given a name[[Guides|assist]] ) 12:33, 27 December 2018 (UTC)
*The permadeath savefile is now also renamed when the colony is given a name
*"autostart.rws" is now automatically loaded on start in dev mode, for faster testing
*"autostart.rws" is now automatically loaded on start in dev mode, for faster testing
*Combined ribs into rib cage
*Combined ribs into rib cage
Line 157: Line 157:
*Inspiration expiration time is now shown on the inspect pane
*Inspiration expiration time is now shown on the inspect pane
*Added minimum crafting skill to various weapon and apparel crafting recipes
*Added minimum crafting skill to various weapon and apparel crafting recipes
*Removed the requirement to pay fee to initiate the item stash quest
*<s>Removed the requirement to pay fee to initiate the item stash quest</s> '''[[User:PigeonGuru|PigeonGuru]]''', Strategist  ( [[User_talk:PigeonGuru|talk]] | [[Special:Contributions/PigeonGuru|contribs]] | [[Guides|assist]] ) 14:54, 14 June 2019 (UTC)
*Colonists can now wear armor vests with tribalwear
*Colonists can now wear armor vests with tribalwear
*Minor starvation (below 25% severity) no longer causes miscarriages
*Minor starvation (below 25% severity) no longer causes miscarriages
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**Ikwa melee weapon
**Ikwa melee weapon
*New quest reward special items:
*Various different kinds of plant
*Various different kinds of plant

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There are many, many things to be done on this wiki to make it better. Mark incomplete pages or pages needing work with Category:Unfinished pages or use Template:UC to make our job a bit easier.

If you want to suggest something that needs to be done, sign your post! - Zesty (talk)

Wiki consistency

Outdated pages and pages under construction


Under Construction

No pages currently marked 'Under Construction'.


Needs to be done list: (Feel free to do these if you know how!) (italic = minor, bold = major)

  • Guides: Most of the guides here need more people working on them. PigeonGuru (talk) 13:53, 19 June 2017 (UTC)
    • We need better guides for the 2 other starter scenarios. It's best that someone more experienced with these scenarios start them off and add content to them. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs ) 12:07, 17 September 2017 (UTC)
  • Defs: Def elements might be something useful to add in for technical reference/modder wannabes. This stuff is being constantly revised and constructed upon, so it's your choice whether to make it its own page or to integrate it as part of another page (e.g. Colonist). I've only covered a small amount of defs (see Category:Defs for a list), and that was a year ago. Longbyte1 (talk) 05:05, 16 February 2015 (UTC)
  • Need a better way to display data on tables without having to update the tables themselves. What's the best way to pull stats and stuff from pages to a table on another page? Zesty (talk)
    • I started a short how-to on properties and queries on my user page. Does that help? --Khaim (talk) 21:42, 15 September 2016 (UTC)
  • Install the MobileFrontend-extension -- Crasheripot

Updates needed for Beta 19

Like before, a list of changes that need to be added. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 14:36, 28 August 2018 (UTC)

New features

  • Improved raids:
    • Balanced raid points to ensure smooth progression
  • Improved caravaning:
    • Better AI: Pack animals now follow colonists to speed up the packing process
    • Added Caravan tab with caravan loading progress
    • Redesigned "Form caravan" window: stats like carried mass, caravan speed, days worth of food, and visibility are now explained better
    • Caravans now automatically forage for food while traveling Long since added. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 06:48, 13 June 2019 (UTC)
    • Added "Remove from caravan" command: remove people or animals from the caravan even if it hasn't left the map yet
    • Added "Load into caravan" right-click option: designate extra items to be picked up by the caravan before leaving
  • Improved faction relations system:
    • New faction relation type: Ally
    • Maintaining good faction relations is now more important than before
  • New items:
    • Prosthetic heart
    • Bionic spine
    • Bionic heart
    • Bionic stomach
    • Archotech eye
    • Archotech arm
    • Archotech leg
    • Tornado generator
  • Leather rework:
    • Several types of leather have been combined, overall fewer kinds of leather
    • Patchleather - poor-quality leather made from any combination of other leather
  • New designators: Mass-forbid and unforbid
  • New main tab: Wildlife. Allows easy counting, finding, and designating of wild animals
  • New type of attack: Kick sand/water in eyes
  • You can now smooth natural rough rock walls into high-quality walls
  • Trained animal skills and tameness now decay over time. Animals can revert to the wild, depending on their natural wildness
  • Deep drill use will now sometimes cause insect attacks (by tunneling through the ground near the drill, with a warning)
  • New edge shader for blueprints looks much nicer and more visible than before.
  • Workbench bills can now be assigned to specific colonists
  • Added "Show what will buy" window which shows all items a trader will buy
  • Trees’ color now depends on the current season
  • Added toggleable auto-rebuild functionality: automatically place blueprints whenever a building is destroyed
  • Added an animal disease incident that mirrors the human disease incident
  • Added tainted-apparel thing filter
  • Animals can now be renamed
  • Added "Save translation report" button for translators. It generates a report about the currently-loaded language data stating which translations are missing, which are unnecessary, and lots of other useful information.
  • Checkboxes are now "paintable": you can mass-select all checkboxes by clicking and dragging the mouse over them
  • Workbench bills can now be copied and pasted
  • Colonists now opportunistically haul things while working if their current target is roughly in the same direction
  • The player can now request AI-core quests from allies Long since added. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 06:48, 13 June 2019 (UTC)
  • It's now possible to craft prosthetic and bionic body parts, grenades, and molotovs
  • It's now possible to mass-cancel all designations with a designator's right-click menu
  • It's now possible to forbid/unforbid all items and rearm all traps with a designator's right-click menu
  • You can now drag and reorder colonists in the colonist bar
  • Social interaction log now has flavorful randomized text instead of the same repeated interaction text every time.
  • Random variant art added for some plants
  • Mods page now has a search bar so you can easily find one mod in your list of hundreds


  • Heavily rearranged the research tree for easier reading
  • Joy need is renamed to 'recreation'
  • Battles in the Combat tab are now named
  • Totally reworked how plants grow. Wild plants after several in-game years should now look more or less as good as at the beginning
  • Items of the same type in the Items tab are now grouped together
  • Items in the Items tab can now be sorted by mass, market value, etc.
  • Instead of shooting them, hunters now execute downed creatures with a neck cut (except explosive creatures)
  • When placing or selecting work stations where pawns can sit while working, the spot where the pawn goes is indicated by a chair outline so the player realizes that a chair can be built there
  • Blunt weapons now have a chance to stun the target
  • Split tribal warrior into warrior (mid-range melee) and penitent (poverty melee, similar to drifter) Long since added probably by XeoNovaDan. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 06:48, 13 June 2019 (UTC)
  • Changed deep moving water to chest-deep moving water: walkable but slower than shallow water
  • Reworked a ton of text generation to create more sensible, interesting results
  • Misc interface tweaks: colonists forming a caravan now have a special icon in the colonist bar, hovering over stats in the stat window now shows their details, added copy to clipboard button in the Combat tab
  • Doctors can draw medicine from the same stack at the same time
  • Downed colonists in hostile maps are now automatically kidnapped by the enemy (if there are no more healthy colonists nearby)
  • Insects will no longer attack the colony when harmed by raiders
  • Hives will no longer spawn close to enemy bases
  • Changed "Beds" research to "Complex furniture" which is now required to build things like end tables and dining chairs Long since added by someone else. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 06:48, 13 June 2019 (UTC)
  • Item deterioration rate now takes into account several factors, including being outdoors, being unroofed, and being in water
  • No more random deaths from meteorites falling on colonists
  • Insects will now go into hypothermic slowdown instead of getting hypothermia
  • Caravan speed now depends on the carried weight PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 06:48, 13 June 2019 (UTC)
  • Caravan members now slowly gain social recreation when the caravan is not moving
  • Ambush maps now retain information about the caravan's exact sub-tile position, which means that caravans will now continue their journey from the same position after being ambushed
  • Death letter now contains information about last, relevant events
  • When a health condition in the Health tab is clicked we now seek to appropriate combat log entry
  • It's no longer possible to build roof over trees
  • Growing trees now requires research and you can now only grow trees which grow naturally in the local biome
  • Kind and Psychopath traits will no longer appear together
  • Alphabeavers incident now only occurs in biomes with sparse plants
  • Plant cut/harvest time now depends on the plant's growth
  • Mechanoids now always die on downed
  • Nutrient paste dispensers are now orange when they can be used by prisoners
  • Doing passionate work now affects mood instead of recreation
  • Firefoam poppers will now pop whenever there's a fire in a 3-cell radius
  • Exotic goods outlander traders will no longer trade furniture
  • Some traders will now buy only some types of animals, not all
  • Food poisoning now has three stages it moves through over the course of a day
  • Adjusted doctors and patients work priorities a bit so they do urgent work first
  • Important world objects are now easier to see when the camera is zoomed out
  • Improved pathfinding: colonists should now generate better paths
  • Removed "Green thumb" trait
  • The player now must choose a route for the caravan before sending it
  • Caravans will no longer rest just before reaching their destination
  • Heavily reworked how caravan movement speed works. Every tile now has an easy-to-understand, well-explained "movement difficulty" stat
  • Bedrolls now have quality ratings
  • Removed Electric armor
  • Most crafting benches are now uninstallable and reinstallable
  • Inspired colonists now get a special icon in the colonist bar
  • Colonists will now take pemmican to inventory (like meals)
  • Frag grenades are no longer a valid hunting weapon
  • Ores mined by non-colonists (e.g. insects) now spawn forbidden
  • Alerts now also look at caravan members where appropriate
  • The permadeath savefile is now also renamed when the colony is given a name
  • "autostart.rws" is now automatically loaded on start in dev mode, for faster testing
  • Combined ribs into rib cage
  • Animals' melee damage now scales with life stage
  • Plants in the plant selection menu are now sorted by category and name
  • Reworked the "advanced map options" dialog layout, extreme game-breaking map sizes are now disabled by default and must be enabled in the options
  • Minerals and ancient dangers will no longer appear on encounter maps
  • Graves now show the person's date of death
  • Tribal factions can now do sapper raids
  • Added medical care column to the Assign tab
  • Removed Shoddy and Superior item qualities
  • Adjusted quality impact on various stats to be less extreme and more steady in most cases
  • Rebalanced and refactored quality generation. Masterwork/legendary level items never generate on enemies, traders, bases. Masterwork/legendary items are extra hard to craft - generally you can now only get them by inspiration or from quests
  • Removed the distinction between allowed areas and animal areas
  • Wearing new apparel now takes time. Colonists now take off the colliding apparel first (which takes time) before wearing the new one
  • Inspiration expiration time is now shown on the inspect pane
  • Added minimum crafting skill to various weapon and apparel crafting recipes
  • Removed the requirement to pay fee to initiate the item stash quest PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 14:54, 14 June 2019 (UTC)
  • Colonists can now wear armor vests with tribalwear
  • Minor starvation (below 25% severity) no longer causes miscarriages
  • Pets and bonded animals no longer disturb sleep
  • When reforming a caravan, we now list colonists' inventory separately so the player can choose what to take and what to leave
  • Enemies no longer use single use rocket launchers during caravan ambushes
  • Some letters now show information about the related faction relations in the bottom right corner
  • It's no longer possible to request military aid from factions which can't use transport pods (they can still give aid spontaneously)
  • Various floors now require research. Split hospital beds into "Sterile materials" and "Hospital beds" research projects
  • All traders are now unwilling to buy tainted apparel
  • Caravans who are not moving now have a lower chance of being attacked
  • Improved animal fleeing behavior
  • Projectile impacts now wake up nearby people and animals
  • Explosive weapons now explode when set on fire
  • Wood-powered fires and coolers no longer vanish when fuel is exhausted, they wait to be refueled
  • Fixed issues with animals sometimes randomly opening doors in combat and allowing enemies in
  • Improved following behavior so animals following their master will now try to stay close to him
  • The prostophile thoughts now accept any artificial body parts, not just bionic
  • Traders will no longer accept typical short-life meals (paste, simple, fine, lavish)


  • Reduced threat points for incidents by about 15%. Also reshaped the threat points curve to be easier in the early game, and tougher in the mid-late game.
  • World quest destinations appear 10% closer to the player bases.
  • Table search radius 25 -> 32
  • The “expectations” thoughts progress more rapidly.
  • Doubled initial blight size, increase spread rate by 30%.
  • Go frenzy inspiration duration 1 day -> 2 days
  • For all cases where a world quest has a time limit, increase the time limit by 50%
  • Poison ship part plant-killing circle stops expanding at radius 50.
  • Wounds are 50% less likely to become permanent scars.
  • Burying corpses takes 2x longer. Digging graves takes 20% longer.
  • Increased delay before auto-undraft by 20%.
  • Shallow water movement cost 12 -> 22
  • Equalized mood penalties for being too hot and too cold.
  • Refactored how apparel armor is calculated to be simpler, and rebalanced all apparel and stuff armor stats. Many thing protect from sharp attacks, few protect from blunt attacks, so blunt damage is now clearly specialized in attacking armored enemies.
  • Refactored how apparel insulation is calculated to be simpler, and rebalanced all apparel and stuff insulation stats.
  • Removed the impact of item hit points on various stats: Apparel armor rating, apparel insulation, shield belt max energy, melee weapon damage, ranged weapon accuracy.
  • Heavily reworked the selection weights of raider factions, raider strategies (sappers, siege, etc) and arrival modes (walk-in, drop pods) to make the more difficult ones appear more consistently against stronger colonies.
  • Removed shoddy and superior quality levels. Rebalanced other qualities to have a smoother progression up to Excellent; masterwork and rare are really special quality levels with big stat boosts which can usually only be acquired by special means like quests and inspirations.
  • Overhauled mental break probabilities. Aside from some exceptional cases, all mental breaks are more or less equally probable.
  • World quests now appear about 2.5x more often and start from 6 days instead of 15 days.
  • Rebalanced plant work speed stat so it is 100% at 8 skill.
  • Fixed a bug that caused there to be too many wild animals.
  • Small adjustments to some biome disease frequencies and animal densities
  • Rebalanced flammability across the whole game.
  • Adjusted balance of learning rates for various skills. Easier: Melee, shooting, social. Harder: Intellectual, growing, mining.
  • Extensive rebalance of the probabilities of various pawn kinds spawning with various weapons, tech hediffs, and apparel.
  • Allies will come to help more often during fights, and come with enough force to make a difference - but only if they’re actually allied in the new diplomacy system.
  • Increased base infection chances.

Quest rewards generation totally reworked to more consistently generate valuable, unique, -and interesting rewards.

  • Trade requests will give more time and much richer rewards, especially for poor colonies.
  • Rebalanced beauty of items, buildings, floors, filth, and plants game-wide.
  • Rebalanced the intensity and duration of many thoughts.
  • Deep drills cost more and mine slower.
  • Items:
    • Drastically reduced apparel crafting work times, especially for basic items.
    • Added minimum crafting skill to various weapon and apparel crafting recipes.
    • Reworked power armor/charge rifle crafting cost. They take a lot less components, and some advanced components, and less time.
    • Shield belt cost (3x component, 60x plasteel, 5x uranium ) -> (2x component, 50x steel, 10x plasteel). Production time to 50% of current.
    • Small sculpture mass 5 -> 3. Large sculpture mass 10 -> 7. Grand sculpture mass 50 -> 25.
  • Plants:
    • All non-tree sowable crops yield 20% less when harvested and take 10% longer to sow.
    • Newly-seeded trees and other such plants are now faster to cut down than mature ones. -----The cut/harvest time lerps from 30% of normal just after sowing, up to 100% when the plant is mature.
    • Sowing any kind of tree now requires 6 growing skill.
    • Sowing trees takes 8x longer.
    • Trees can only be sown with a research called “Tree Sowing” that costs 500. Tribals start with this research. It has no prerequisites.
    • You can only sow trees which grow naturally in the local biome. This includes saguaro cactus.
    • Reduced all tree-type plant’s max hit points by to 66% of old values.
    • Bomb damage now does 2x damage vs plants.
    • Rose and Daylily sow work 440 -> 600, to solve the exploit where people fill a ugly rooms with flowers.
    • Healroot grow days 6.5 -> 12, sow and harvest work increased significantly.
    • Reduced daylily and rose lifespans.
    • Rice, strawberries, healroot, corn, cotton min fertility 50% -> 100%.
    • Sand fertility 6% -> 10%.
  • Research:
    • Colonies start game with passive cooler research.
    • Colonies no longer start game with batteries and solar panels and nutrient paste research.
    • Nutrient paste research cost 600 -> 300.
    • Recurve bow research cost 200 -> 400.
    • Carpet making research cost 1200 -> 600.
    • Autodoor research cost 400 -> 600.
    • Shield belt research prerequisite Multi-analyzer -> Microelectronics basics
    • Shield belt research cost 3000 -> 1400
    • Psychoid pekoe research cost 400 -> 800
    • Brewing research cost 700 -> 400
    • Refining research cost 1200 -> 700
    • Ground-penetrating scanner research cost 7000 -> 4500.
    • Complex furniture research cost 700 -> 300, more things require this research now.
  • Buildings:
    • Reduced all costs to build the ship components by 30%
    • Slowed constructing buildings with all stone types by 20%
    • Adjusted minimum construction skill on a variety of buildings (generally adding one where there was none)
    • Bedrolls rest effectiveness 0.93 -> 0.95
    • Bedrolls comfort 0.6 -> 0.68
    • Wind turbine width 5 cells -> 7 cells
  • Animals:
    • Adjusted chances of various animals going manhunter on failed taming attempts and on being harmed.
    • Adjusted many animal market values and movement speeds.
    • Human leather amount 25 -> 50
    • Animals leather amount increased 50% across the board
    • Animal train chance reduced 25%.
    • Animal train chance wildness factor range: 0.05~2.00 -> 0.50~1.50.
    • Obedience training steps 1 -> 3.
    • Warg damage increased by 15%.
    • Warg wildness 80% -> 35%
    • All insects main attack cooldowns 2.5 -> 2.9
    • Alphabeaver body size 0.6 -> 0.45
    • Wild boar trainable intelligence Advanced -> Intermediate (pig still has Advanced)
    • Wild boar tusk damage 9 -> 8
    • Wild boar speed 5 -> 4.2 (pig is still 3.6)
    • Wild boar min comfy temperature -20 -> -15
    • Pig bite damage 7 -> 6
    • Pig market value 280 -> 200
    • Boomalope chemfuel production reduced by 40%
    • Boomalope hunger rate 1.0 -> 1.3
    • Alpaca move speed 3.8 -> 3.2
    • Alpaca leg damage 7 -> 6
    • Dromedary leg damage 11 -> 8
    • Muffalo speed 3.6 -> 3.5 It's actually 4.5 and already correct on the corresponding page
    • Muffalo head cooldown 1.65 -> 2.00
    • Muffalo wildness 50% -> 60% -Ickputzdirwech (talk) 23:15, 12 June 2019 (UTC)
    • Wolf wildness 75% -> 85%.
    • Wolf trainable intelligence Advanced -> Intermediate
    • Wolf bite damage 11 -> 12
    • Wolf scratch usage commonality 100% -> 50% per side
    • Wolf nuzzle interval 120 -> 240 hours
    • Husky, lab body sizes reduced slightly
    • Lab hunger rate 0.5 -> 0.4
    • Thrumbo hunger rate 4.5->3.5
    • Nuzzle target search distance 15 -> 40
    • Nuzzled memory duration 0.5 days->1 day, stacked effect multipler 0.95->0.5, stack limit 10->3
    • Yorkshire terrier nuzzle interval 15 -> 24 hours
    • Monkey, chinchilla nuzzle interval 72 -> 48 hours
    • Hare, snowhare nuzzle interval 120 -> 72
    • Muffalo, alpaca, warg no longer nuzzle
    • Tortoise armor 50% -> 30%.
  • Drugs:
    • Psychoid pekoe psychoid tolerance gain 0.02 -> 0.03
    • Psychoid pekoe market value 14 -> 10
    • Psychoid pekoe restFallFactor 0.9 -> 0.8
    • Hop plant min grow skill 7 -> 3
    • Beer fermenting time 10 days -> 6 days
    • Alcohol loses hidden ‘buzzed’ stage;‘warm’ begins from 0 severity
    • Alcohol severity per day -1.0 -> 0.75, so it lasts longer
    • Alcohol mood gains all increase +2
    • Smokeleaf mood gain 15 -> 13
  • Ranged weapons:
    • Pawns hit by ranged attacks now stagger the same way as pawns hit by melee attacks. This effect only happens if the weapon's stopping power stat is equal or greater than the target's body size.
    • Missed shots now have a 50% extra chance of hitting nothing; this will make missed shots less likely to hit random things (but doesn’t change the chance of missing).
    • No human enemies spawn with weapons above industrial tech.
  • Melee:
    • Debuffed fists very slightly (~5%) in cooldown
    • Debuffed ranged weapon melee attacks to be in line with fists in terms of DPS
    • Buffed beer bottles, and wood log slightly (~10%) above fists in terms of DPS
    • Serious melee weapons (knife on upward) across the board 5%-10% DPS buff

Updates needed for Beta 18

Like before: a list of all changes from Beta 18 that need to be added. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 10:27, 18 November 2017 (UTC)

World generation

  • Caves now form sometimes in mountainous maps. Inside there are special cave plants. There can also be dormant insect hives.


Most of the content here needs the icon for their respective item, once they are uploaded their pages should be complete. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 10:05, 31 December 2017 (UTC)

  • Tribal content upgrade:
    • Ikwa melee weapon
  • Various different kinds of plant

Misc additions

  • Storyful combat: A major rework of melee combat, and a new way to report all combat interactions. Storyful combat generates a combat log that reports each blow, miss, swipe, block and fall in the combat. During or after a fight, you can review the combat log to see what happened, to generate a richer story.
  • New world site components (used in various situations):
    • Animal ambush

Updates needed for previous alphas

A list of all changes from Alpha 17 and prior, that need to be added to their respective pages. Don't forget to <s> strikethrough </s> any items you complete and sign them with ~~~~. PigeonGuru, Strategist ( talk | contribs | assist ) 14:42, 28 August 2018 (UTC)


Since the contents of this section are a bit harder to document and not as relevant to the majority of people visiting the wiki, i will put a collapse here for the time being.

  • Modders can now add “def modifiers” which, instead of replacing a whole def, change specific fields of that def. This allows multiple mods to change the same def without wiping each others’ changes (unless they change the same field, of course).
  • Information on how to use def modifiers is in this forum thread: [https://ludeon.com/forums/index.php?topic=32735.0]
  • Various enums are now defs so modders can add new ones (TrainableIntelligence , DamageArmorCategory, ImpactSoundType, ReservationLayer, BillRepeatMode, PrisonerInteractionMode, FleshType).
  • GUI tables (like most of the main tabs along the bottom of the screen) are now defined by data, making it easier to add, rearrange, sort, and change columns on the UI.
  • Increasing skill relevance
  • Mining skill reworked: Steeper speed penalty for low skill. Mining yield is now slightly dependent on mining skill.
  • Work tab boxes are easier to identify skill level for visually.

Miscellaneous Changes

  • [16] UI can now be scaled to arbitrary scaling factors, for players who play in really high resolution.
  • [11b] Mods config page shows load order of mods.


  • [11a] Guests are smarter and no longer walk out of the colony bleeding.