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Rest is the game mechanic that controls Characters' needs for sleep. A character with a higher rest value has slept recently, and is less tired than another character with a low rest level.

Levels of Rest

Characters' rest level is grouped into four thresholds: Rested, Tired, Very Tired, and Exhausted. Each threshold exhibits different effects on a character, especially their Thoughts. When a character's rest level is zero they may collapse from exhaustion; they will immediately begin sleeping on the ground wherever they are.

The rest levels are as follows:

Label Rest
Rested Greater than 30
Tired 20 to 30
Very Tired 0.01 to 20
Exhausted Less than 0.01

Rest caps at 100.

Rest Changes


When awake, rest goes down every tick (1/20000 of a game day) depending on the character's current rest.

Rest Change per tick Change per day
Rested -0.0026 -52
Tired -0.0013 -26
Very Tired -0.00065 -13
Exhausted -0.00039 -7.8


When a character rests in a bed, their Rest value increases over time.

 Each tick, rest increases by 0.0125 * Rest Effectiveness.

Rest Effectiveness depends on the object the character is sleeping on:

Object Rest Effectiveness Rest Increase per Tick Rest Increase per Game Day
Sleeping Spot 0.7 0.00875 175
Bedroll 0.93 0.011625 232.5
Bed 1.0 0.0125 250
Royal Bed 1.05 0.013125 262.5

Therefore, when a character reaches the Tired threshold (30 Rest), it takes them this long to return to full (100) rest:

Object Time from Tired to Full Rest
Sleeping Spot 0.571 game days
Bed 0.4 game days
Royal Bed 0.388 game days

Rest is a Stat: How much sleep a creature has gotten recently.