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Randy Random


Randy doesn't follow rules. He'll generate random events, and he doesn't care if they make a story of triumph or utter hopelessness. It's all drama to him.

AI Storytellers

Randy Random is the wildcard AI. Any AI event could be triggered at any time with Randy. You may encounter insanely good trade deals, or you may find yourself faced with a raid during a storm while there is an eclipse as your power generator explodes, and your military members go insane. For those looking to ultimately lose to chaos among their attempts at order a la Dwarf Fortress, Randy Random may be the AI Storyteller for you.

Code Specifics

Alpha 13 - 0.13.1135 was released on April 6, 2016 - Alpha 13 Release

New Contents

  • New permadeath mode. One save file, save on quit or autosave only, no take-backsies when something goes horribly, insanely, or laughably wrong. The way RimWorld was meant to be played.
  • Colonist family and social relationship system / Social relationships with friends, rivals, family, chats, arguments, and fights.
  • Opinion system; pawns care about dozens of memories and situations to determine their opinions of each other.
  • Family members out to cousins and beyond.
  • Lovers, fiancees, marriages, ex-lovers, ex-spouses.
  • Lovin’
  • People may get in social fights with those they dislike (even neutrals and enemies do this).
  • Animal bonding.
  • People who leave the map while traveling, fleeing, being kidnapped, etc. can come back later as raiders, visitors, joiners, etc.
  • Marriage ceremonies and parties.
Prison Breaks
  • Prisoners pick the locks, get out, seek weapons and work as a group to escape.
  • Self-reproducing, spreading underground insect hives Insect hives are dangerous but produce succulent insect jelly.
Animals and Predators
  • Many more animals, some of which will hunt people Some animals are now predators, including colony pets (e.g. cats catch squirrels).
  • Animals can gnaw corpses apart directly now.
Threat response mode
  • Decide how colonists should auto-respond to threats: flee, attack, or ignore?
  • ‘Components’ resource used for machinery and electronics
  • Ground-traveling trade caravans from other factions
  • Deeper research tree with more low-tech options and more things to research
  • New fueled buildings: stove and generator
  • Various new lower and higher-tech production buildings
  • Two research tables: simple and hi-tech.
  • Hi-tech is required for some projects.
Misc Changes
  • New exotic infections: Gut worms, mechanite infections which give abilities at a cost of pain or fatigue, trauma savantism
  • New chronic diseases: Carcinoma, asthma, hearing loss
  • New “firefoam popper” provides a way to combat fire besides punching it.
  • Character records which keep stats on each character like number of kills, injuries, surgeries, etc.
  • Extreme desert biome
  • Colonists in relationships can share beds
  • New double bed; royal bed is now gold-trimmed and fancy
  • New flatscreen and megascreen TVs
  • Colonists can now visit sick people in bed to cheer them up
  • Sick people in bed can now watch TV
  • Building damage overlays
  • Days are now twice as long as before, with years being half as many days. (This means that years are exactly as long as before in actual play time, just divided into a smaller number of longer days.)
  • The year is now split into seasons instead of months.
  • Animal kibble
  • Deep rooms stay cool in the heat
  • Richer tale recording and better art descriptions
  • Hundreds of balance improvements, optimizations, tweaks and fixes

desiredPopulationMin = 4
desiredPopulationMax = 13
desiredPopulationCritical = 50
AverageIncidentsPerDay = 1.45
GeneralWeight = 0.79
ThreatSmallWeight = 0.0950
LargeThreatWeight = 0.095
MaxThreatBigIntervalDays = 13