Randy Random

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Randy Random


Randy doesn't follow rules. He'll generate random events, and he doesn't care if they make a story of triumph or utter hopelessness. It's all drama to him.

AI Storytellers

Randy Random is the wildcard AI. Any AI event could be triggered at any time with Randy. You may encounter insanely good trade deals, or you may find yourself faced with a raid during a storm while there is an eclipse as your power generator explodes, and your military members go insane. For those looking to ultimately lose to chaos among their attempts at order a la Dwarf Fortress, Randy Random may be the AI Storyteller for you.

Code Specifics


desiredPopulationMin = 4
desiredPopulationMax = 13
desiredPopulationCritical = 50
AverageIncidentsPerDay = 1.45
GeneralWeight = 0.79
ThreatSmallWeight = 0.0950
LargeThreatWeight = 0.095
MaxThreatBigIntervalDays = 13