Psychite tea

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Psychite tea

Psychite tea

A fragrant tea infused with leaves of the psychoid plant. Drinking it induces a subtle psychite euphoria. This tea is easy to produce at cooking facilities, but can produce psychite addiction if consumed too often.
Many tribes use psychoid tea, both as a daily energizer and as part of social and religious rituals.

Base Stats

DrugSocial drug
Tech Level
Market Value
10 Silver
Stack Limit
0.05 kg
Deterioration Rate
Path Cost


Recreation Offset
Recreation Kind
Maximum To Ingest
Ingestion Time
210 ticks (3.5 secs)


Crafted At
Campfire/Fueled stove/Electric stove
Required Research
Psychoid brewing
Skill Required
Cooking 2
Work To Make
400 ticks (6.67 secs)
Resources to make
Psychoid leaves 4
Drug Category

Psychite tea is a relatively "safe" social drug, that provides a +12 mood buff as well as slightly reducing pain (10% reduction) and the rate pawns get tired (20% reduction), and raises Recreation by 40. It is relatively very easy to research compared to other drugs, especially for Tribal colonies (who suffer a penalty for "advanced" techs like Drug Production, which this does not require).

Drug info
Addictiveness 2%
Market value $10.00
Hit points 50
Work to make
Drug effects
Mood +
Recreation +40%
Pain x90%
Rest +10%
Rest Fall Rate x80%


Psychite tea can be cooked at a Campfire, Fueled stove, or Electric stove once the Psychoid brewing research project has been completed. Each dose requires Psychoid leaves 4 Psychoid leaves, 400 ticks (6.67 secs) of work, and a Cooking skill of 2. Its cooking speed is dependent on the Cooking skill.

It can also be purchased from Tribal traders, especially Shaman Merchants who commonly stock it, as well as Tribal faction bases. Tribal visitors and raiders will also occasionally carry them.


Psychite tea is a moderately potent social drug that has a variety of effects. These can be broken into effects that occur:

  • Instantaneously and one time upon using the drug.
  • While high on the drug.
  • While addicted to the drug.
  • While withdrawing from the drug.

Upon drinking

A pawn taking psychite tea will do so right where it stands without looking for a place to sit first. Go-juice is taken by drinking, taking 210 ticks (3.5 secs). It has the following one time effects:

Psychite tea high

"Active psychite tea in the bloodstream. Generates a mild euphoric effect."





Psychite tea is much less addictive than flake or yayo. A colonist can drink it every 2 days without becoming addicted. If drunk more often, and the tolerance reaches 10% or more, then drinking psychite tea only has a 2% chance to create addiction - the same as smokeleaf - without smokeleaf's penalties to movement and consciousness. The tea is even better than ambrosia, especially in the mid-game, with the downside of only being able to give the mood buff every 2 days and a cost of research and time cooking and planting psychoid.

It is less cost-efficient than the other psychoid drugs, flake and yayo, as it is worth the least and takes the longest to make. However, its beneficial properties, lack of risk for limited use, simpler research requirement and much simpler production requirements (i.e. a campfire is adequate, any stove is faster) makes it a good option in the early game, and still useful to end game. This is an especially good option for tribal colonies, who start the game with psychoid brewing already researched.

Withdrawal Symptoms

Like Yayo and Flake, Psychite tea can cause psychite addiction. Withdrawal lasts for 30 days and causes the following symptoms:

  • Mood -35
  • Consciousness: -20%
  • Moving: -20%
  • Manipulation -20%
  • Rest Fall Rate +30%
  • Hard drug binges (mtb of 40 days)
  • Psychotic wandering (mtb of 10 days)

Version history

  • Beta 18 - Added as Psychoid pekoe.
  • Beta 19 - Renamed from Psychoid pekoe to Psychite tea. No longer made at a crafting spot.
  • Beta 19/1.0 - tolerance gain 0.02 -> 0.03, market value 14 -> 10, restFallFactor 0.9 -> 0.8