Psychic shock lance

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Psychic shock lance

Psychic shock lance

A limited-use psychic effector. It shocks the target's mind with chaotic images, blocking coherent perception and dropping him into a state of psychic shock. There is a risk of brain damage. It has a long range, but requires line of sight.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
550 Silver
0.5 kg



A psychic shock lance is a two-use artifact that can be equipped by pawns in the Utility slot and manually activated to inflict psychic shock on a target, rendering them unconscious.


Psychic shock lances cannot be crafted. Instead they must be purchased from Exotic Goods traders or faction bases.


When equipped, a psychic shock lance is worn in the utility slot. Once the wearer is drafted, it can be manually activated by the player to target a pawn within 35 tiles and within line of sight. Pawns with 0% psychic sensitivity, such as those with the psychically deaf trait, cannot be targeted by the lance, however sensitivity does not otherwise modify the effect.

After a 0.5s warm-up, the target will immediately be affected by psychic shock, setting their consciousness to a maximum of 10% and rendering them unconscious. This shock lasts for 7,500 ticks (2.08 mins). There is also a 30% chance that the target will be set on fire and given brain damage in the form of a burn scar. When targeting colonists, this 30% chance is multiplied by the Friendly Fire Chance in the difficulty settings.

The lance cannot be recharged - when both charges are expended the item is completely destroyed.

Pawns that are incapable of violence can equip, but not use, the lance.

If used on a non-hostile faction's pawn, it will decrease goodwill with that faction by 200 points.


As it has a significantly smaller warmup time (just 0.5s vs 4.5s) and comparable range (35 vs 36), it can be useful for downing pesky triple rocket launcher and doomsday rocket launcher raiders before they can fire.

Psychic shock lances bypass the game's "auto-death on down" chance, meaning they almost always leave the target alive. This makes them good for capturing specific enemies, however the chance of brain damage can ruin previously good potential colonists unless bioregeneration Content added by the Ideology DLC, healer mech serum, or luciferium is used to heal them.

It can also be useful in acquiring equipment for use or sale - the lance downs pawns without killing them, and thus avoids tainting any apparel, and only damages apparel if it causes burning and even then only by a small amount. As each charge effectively costs 275 Silver, good target selection can give a value return significantly exceeding the cost. Raiders wearing marine armor worth 2,035 Silver are ideal targets, as are Imperial Cataphracts Content added by the Royalty DLC.


Version history

  • 0.12.906 - Added
  • 1.2.2719 - changed from a single-use artifact that occupied the pawn's weapon slot, and had to be activated by selecting a colonist, then right-clicking the artifact and selecting 'Activate' manually. It now also has a limited range and no longer works through walls.