Plant pot

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{{Template:TNTN|furniture| |name = <translate> Plant Pot</translate> |image = PlantPot.png|<translate> Plant pot</translate> |info = <translate> Growers plant decorative flowers here.</translate> |type = Furniture|<translate> Furniture</translate> |type2 = Plants|<translate> Plants</translate> |placeable = y |size = 1|1 |hp = 100 |buy = Steel 10 |sell = Steel 5 }}<translate> A plant pot allows a colonist to grow a decorative plants either indoors or outdoors.

A colonist with the growing skill will have to periodically check the plant's health.</translate>

{{Template:TNTN|furniture|wide}} [[Category:<translate> Furniture</translate>]] [[Category:<translate> Plants</translate>]] [[Category:<translate> Environment</translate>]]