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This tutorial is a rewrite of the original by Jecrell (Thread), updated to 1.1 by dninemfive.


In this tutorial we will be using most of the tools available to a Rimworld modder to create a custom weapon, known as the Plague Gun.

This weapon will, when its shots hit a living target, have a chance to apply the Plague hediff ("health difference") to that target.

To do this, we will create XML `ThingDefs` for the gun and projectile, create a C# assembly which determines what happens when the projectile hits a target, and link that behavior back to the XML.

This tutorial will assume a basic familiarity with XML and C# syntax. It should be simple enough to follow if you're only a beginner.

If you have no XML or C# experience, there are good tutorials for XML here and C# here.

The Completed Mod

TODO: fork and update the repo, link here.

Required Items

Make sure to have the following installed, at least one per row:

Notepad++ or Atom or

Sublimetext or VSCode || Use any text editor that allows you to edit XML files and use "Find in Files" for referencing.

Visual Studio Community Use this or any other C# compiler to turn scripts into .dll files that RimWorld can use.
dnSpy or ILSpy This is for referencing the game's decompiled C# scripts.

For more detailed recommendations, see here.