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Pain is a pawn capacity: How much pain a person feels.

Most biological creatures including colonists, raiders, and animals feel pain caused by injuries. A pawn's pain level ranges from 0% to 100% and is displayed on their Health tab's Overview. Pain levels are None, Little, Moderate, Severe, and Extreme. Even a little pain causes unhappy thoughts. Once pain passes 10%, it'll start to have an effect on consciousness. If a pawn's pain level meets or exceeds their Pain Shock Threshold they'll go into shock, unable to move. Pawns with the Wimp trait will be incapacitated with only minor pain of 20%.

Most pain is temporary, but scars and certain diseases can cause long-term pain. A painstopper implant will get rid of all a colonist's pain and negate any pain-related mood penalties. Note that colonists with the Masochist trait get a mood bonus from pain instead of a penalty, so it's usually better to leave them alone.


Pain follows a somewhat complex formula:

Pain = Number of Injuries ÷ [80.0 × Max Pain Level Multiplier[1] × Health Scale[2] + Extra Pain ÷ (80.0 × Max Pain Level Multiplier)]

  1. This is 1.0 for humans.
  2. This is also 1.0 for humans

Extra pain is determined by individual injuries:

Extra Pain = Injury Damage × Injury Pain Value

  • 50 crush damage would do 50 damage × 1.25 crush pain = 62.5 extra pain
  • 50 burn damage would do 50 damage × 1.875 burn pain = 93.75 extra pain