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Drug overdose is caused by consuming an excessive amount of drugs in a short time period, before the body has the time to deal with it. There's a chance of getting an overdose from just one dose. Overdose can cause instant death.

The severity of a Drug Overdose is determined by what drugs are consumed; with social drugs (i.e. Beer, Smokeleaf) and Luciferium not contributing to overdoses, hard drugs (i.e. Go-juice, Flake, Yayo, Wake-up) increasing the severity by 0.18-0.35 per drug consumed, and Penoxycyline increasing severity by 0.08-0.14 per dose. Drug overdose severity reduces by 1 per day, meaning that the pawn will fully recover in up to 1 day (0.5 days until no symptoms are shown). Overdose gain is divided by body size (not health scale).


There are four stages of Drug Overdose:


Severity: < 0.50

  • No effect, within tolerable levels of hard drug consumption
  • Doesn't show on the health tab of colonists


Severity: 0.5 — 0.749

  • Reduces the affected pawn's consciousness by 50%
  • Frequent vomiting - Every 0.3 days (4.8h) on average


Severity: 0.75 — 0.999

  • Pawn will lose consciousness (Consciousness max: 10%)
  • Chemical damage to the brain on average 2.5 days in this state
  • Death on average 3 days in this state


Severity: 1

  • Overdosing pawn's body is unable to handle extreme drug levels, and succumbs

Random overdose[edit]

Aside from normal overdoses caused by excessive drug consumption, all hard drugs also have a small, unavoidable chance of causing a major overdose when consumed. This overdose will be of random severity between 0.85 and 0.99 (this is regardless of body size/health scale), and is unaffected by previous overdose severity, meaning that even the first dose could potentially result in a major overdose. The chance of causing a random overdose is 1.5% for Flake, 1.0% for Yayo, and 0.5% for Wake-up and Go-juice.

The exact likelihood of a single random overdose resulting in chemical damage or death is currently unknown, however in a test with a sample of 5,000 random overdoses, 5.90% resulted in chemical damage and 5.44% resulted in death, with a total of 11.12% resulting in either chemical damage, death, or both. The chance of a single dose causing permanent damage or death is therefore likely around 0.17% for Flake, 0.11% for Yayo, and 0.06% for Wake-up and Go-juice.

Having a drug dependency geneContent added by the Biotech DLC completely removes the random drug overdose chance. However, it is still possible to have a cumulative overdose by taking too much of a drug. Conversely, possessing any drug impervious gene against a hard drug prevents overdoses, both random and cumulative, from all types of drugs.[Specific or all drugs?]

Chance of Permanent Damage or death after N doses