Orbital power beam targeter

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Orbital power beam targeter


An ancient targeting unit for a network of power-collection satellites. Once aimed at a target, it directs ancient satellites to begin beaming power down in a massive column of electromagnetic energy. This power can safely be collected in a giant absorption dish. Since you have no absorption dish, you'll be aiming it at enemies, at which point the power column will turn the area into a thousand-degree inferno. This will last until the satellites detect the unsafe targeting, shut themselves down, and permanently deactivate the targeter.

Market Value
1200 Silver.png
0.2 kg

The Orbital power beam targeter is a powerful single-use weapon added in Beta 18.

It requires manual targeting, and has an activation time. Once activated, a massive beam will shoot down from above, dealing massive damage and starting fires.

It has a targeting range of 45 tiles.

For some reason, like all ranged weapons it can't be used when the user is wearing a shield belt.


It is extremely useful against crashed ship parts, as the beam can vaporize the ship part and down its surrounding mechanoids with a single use.