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Colonists, and all human characters, have basic needs that, if not met or if met beyond expectations, may trigger Thoughts to appear below the Mood meter. The current Mood is a net result of these thoughts.

The basic needs, shown in the Needs tab, are:

  • Food - the need for food.
  • Rest - the need for sleep.
  • Joy - the need for enjoyable activities.
  • Beauty - the need for a desirable place to live. Colonists don't like environments covered in dirt, blood, or debris, and prefer to be in lavish rooms furnished with beautiful statues, large wooden royal beds, and plush carpeted flooring.
  • Comfort - the need for comfortable places to sleep, eat and relax.
  • Space - the need for space. Being in cramped rooms gives colonists unhappy thoughts, while being in wide-open interiors gives them happy ones.

Besides basic needs, any drug addictions a pawn has are also listed as a need.