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== Accuracy ==
== Graphs ==
The below shows accuracy of a turret across its range.
The below shows accuracy and DPS of a turret across its range.
== Tactics ==
== Tactics ==

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Improvised turret

Improvised turret

An improvised turret that automatically fires at nearby enemies. Explodes when damaged. Its hacked-together AI brain isn't very smart, and can't be directly controlled, so beware of friendly fire.

100 kg
309 ticks (5.15 secs)
Steel 100 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 75 + Component 3
Steel 75 + Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 56.25 + Component 2.25

Improvised Turret Gun

Improvised Turret Gun

"Jury-rigged gun attached to a turret."

Dmg Type
90 ticks (1.5 secs)
40 ticks (0.67 secs)
25.9 tile(s)
80% - 64% - 41% - 22%
70 (m/s)
Burst Count
3 (per burst)
Burst Ticks
8 ticks (0.13 secs)
13.56 (Expression error: Unexpected / operator.)
"Expression error: Unexpected / operator." is not a number.
Silver 0


The improvised turret is a stationary defense mechanism which automatically fires at any enemies ( psychotic animals / raiders) entering its range of 25.9 tile radius. It fires a 3-round burst with no need for warmup, has a slow 5.15 second cooldown and 96% per-tile accuracy. While turrets are somewhat underwhelming on their own, large groups of turrets are able to incapacitate or kill small groups of hostiles within seconds.

It has a target size of 68% making them harder to hit.

Turrets have a 50% chance of exploding when it reaches 20% health.

Improvised turret.png


Constructing the turret requires research in microelectronics basics and gun turrets (some scenarios have Gun Turrets already researched).

Alternatively, it can be opportunistically uninstalled and looted from various world sites.


There`s 5 variants: Shocking Steel, Perfect Plasteel, Unaffordable Uranium, Stunning Silver, and Glorious Gold. Regardless of what material's used; turrets will always give out -60 beauty - so using Gold or Silver will have more impact on colony wealth (increasing raids) while doing little to nothing as they have low Hit Points.

Material Steel Cost Cost Hit Points Flammability (%) Market Value Beauty
Steel 175 Steel.png 3 Components (Page has no "Image") 100 20 425 Silver.png -60
Plasteel 100 Steel.png 3 Components (Page has no "Image")
+ 75 Plasteel.png
280 10 1,335 Silver.png -60
Uranium 100 Steel.png 3 Components (Page has no "Image")
+ 1,500 Uranium.png
250 0 9,280 Silver.png -60
Silver 100 Steel.png 3 Components (Page has no "Image")
+ 1,500 Silver.png
70 20 1,775 Silver.png -60
Gold 100 Steel.png 3 Components (Page has no "Image")
+ 1,500 Gold.png
60 20 15,270 Silver.png -60

  • Steel is the most viable option early-game, but it's advisable to switch them out for Plasteel Turrets as soon as you can, as Steel Turrets aren't very durable and therefore can't withstand sustained gunfire.
  • The most effective material is Plasteel: it has the most HP, very low flammability, is somewhat easier to obtain mid-late game, and saves Steel for other purposes.
  • You should expect Turrets to be frequently replaced, and Uranium is too rare and expensive to be practical.


The below shows accuracy and DPS of a turret across its range.

TurretAccuracy.png 600px


Used alone or in small numbers, turrets do not provide much additional firepower. However, raiders will often target the turret instead of the colonists if it is closer to them, shielding the colonists from harm until the turret is destroyed. However, attackers will not take an unpowered turret as a primary target. The firepower of the turrets adds up when massed together, to the point where turrets alone can sometimes beat back even massive raids. Larger colonies often build a "killbox": An entrance area designed to funnel raiders where turrets can do maximum damage while the raiders' own ability to fight back is minimized. Using Sandbags to protect your turrets can be a solid tactic in either case.

When building a turret, there's a 50% chance that it will never explode; regardless of what amount of health it's at. Normally; a turret will spark and emit a hissing sound that increases in pitch, once it drops to or below 20% of its maximum HP (e.g. a Steel Improvised Turret will begin hissing at 20/100 Hit Points), and explode a few seconds later. When a turret's about to explode, all nearby raiders will run in an attempt to get out of the blast radius to keep their skin intact.

When a Turret explodes; it does 200 damage to all structures within its radius, 50 damage to the slag chunks and components that drop, and typically 12-36 damage (with variances in increments of 4 points) to all pawns unlucky enough to get caught in the explosion - but it will sometimes do 48 damage too.

Example of an Explosion

Trogo is attacking a Steel Turret with his Awful Wooden Shiv. It's at 21 HP, but it's still fine.
Turret at 21 HP

The turret's now at 20 HP and begins to spark and hiss - Trogo's in danger.
Turret is now sparking

The turret has now exploded: Trogo's wounded, structures are damaged - all hell's let loose. Took several screenshots and merged them into one image to demonstrate the full extent of the damage.
Turret has now exploded