Mech recharger

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Mech recharger

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Base Stats





Mech rechargers constantly require 200 W of direct, electrical power, even when not actively recharging a mech. They are placed on the ground and can't be minified, or uninstalled.

Mech rechargers can recharge light mechanoids. This includes:

A recharger gives the mechanoid 50% of their power need per day. This accumulates the recharger's waste meter. When a recharger is full of waste, a hauler can pick up 5 toxic wastepacks from the recharger. The exact amount of waste technically depends on the mechanoid, but all light mechanoids excrete 5 wastepacks. The existence of waste does not stop the recharger.

Suitable mechs will seek a recharger once reaching a configurable amount of charge, and a control group of mechs can be commanded to recharge (or avoid recharging) at will.



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