Long-range mineral scanner

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Long-range mineral scanner

Long-range mineral scanner

Can be used by researchers to detect a specific mineral across the planet. The time it takes to find the resource is somewhat random, and depends on researcher skill.

Base Stats

Path Cost
- 500W
Cover Effectiveness

The long-range mineral scanner can detect mineral deposits in the nearby areas outside your colony when manned by a researcher. It can be tuned to different minerals, such that it will only find deposits of a certain kind.

The scanner spawns mineral lumps mini-maps in the world map and triggers its respective world event which always has an expiry date of 30 days. They can either be unguarded (60% chance), guarded by pirates or surrounded by a manhunter pack. Once the area is clear of hostiles, you have 10 days to mine everything before the caravan leaves.

  • Pirate defenders will surround the lump with a rudimentary base and possibly turrets.
  • Manhunter packs will charge at your colonists. Some are slow allowing evasion and kiting, while others are fast and require a defensive stance.

The amount of time taken is random, though better researchers increase the chances that a mineral deposit may be found. At its baseline, it finds lumps with a mean time between of 9.2 days and will guarantee a lump after 8 days of work; how this is affected by researcher skill is unclear.


All minerals, as well as components, can be discovered with the scanner.

  • Steel is found in medium-sized lumps of approximately 50 tiles; you can get at least 1000 steel from a single lump.
  • Plasteel is found in small lumps of around 10 - 15 tiles, netting 300 - 500 plasteel.
  • Components are found in large lumps, that can amount to more than 100 components once mining is finished.
  • Silver is found in massive lumps, and one can easily get upwards of 3000 silver from a single lump.
  • Gold is found in small lumps of 10 or so tiles of ore.
  • Uranium is found in small lumps of 15 - 20 tiles of ore.
  • Jade is found in medium-sized lumps of around 20 - 25 tiles.

Version history

It received a rework in Beta 19. Prior to that:

  • It can only find gold or jade.
  • It cannot be tuned.
  • It did not require a colonist to operate.
  • The lumps did not expire.