Long-range mineral scanner

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Long-range mineral scanner

Long-range mineral scanner

Automatically detects precious minerals like gold or jade in the nearby areas (but not in which it was built). The lumps are found on average once per 30 days within a radius of 30 tiles. Building more than one scanner in the same or nearby areas has little to no effect.

Base Stats

Path Cost
- 200W
Cover Effectiveness

The long-range mineral scanner can automatically scan nearby areas with a radius of 30 tiles for precious mineral deposits.

The minerals are found on average once every 30 days.

Placing scanners close to one another has little to no effect. When viewing the scanners there will be an 'Efficiency' value displayed. Having a scanner's scanned area overlap with another will reduce the efficiency, and if you place one in the same map as another it will be at 0% meaning it is nonfunctional.

Precious minerals found

When the scanner finds minerals an event will trigger notifying the player to go and mine the minerals. The event will not expire.

When the player reaches the spot, a temporary map will be generated with a precious mineral lump in the middle. The possible minerals found are only gold or jade.

The minerals can be unguarded, or may be surrounded by pirates guarding the reserves or a manhunter pack that happens to be nearby.

Besides the minerals, you can also mine out anything else on the map, such as components or steel.

You have 10 days to mine everything before the caravan leaves. The countdown starts after there are no hostiles on the map.

Pirate defenders

A few pirates have surrounded the lump with a rudimentary base. They are easy to defeat and once done so the treasure is yours for the taking.

Manhunter pack

A pack of random manhunter animals will spawn near the mineral lump.