List of animal skills

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Obedience.png Guard: (Training intelligence required: Simple, Steps: 3)

An animal trained in guard will follow its master and attack nearby aggressors. An animal's master is listed on the Training tab and on the Animals menu. Multiple animals may be assigned to a single master. Note that assigning an animal to the pawn it is bonded with will give that pawn a permanent +5 moodlet, and if a bonded animal is not assigned to its bonded pawn, that pawn gets a permanent -3 moodlet. Mood effects stack with multiple bonded animals, and one pawn can have both the positive and negative moodlets from two bonded animals.

Release.png Attack: (Training intelligence required: Intermediate, Steps: 5)

Using the 'attack' command, animals may leave their master's immediate area to attack enemies. When the 'release animals' command is turned off, animals will guard their master and only attack enemies nearby.

Rescue.png Rescue: (Training intelligence required: Advanced, Steps: 2)

Animals trained in rescue will rescue its master as well as nearby colonists. Only species of sufficient size can rescue.

Haul animal.png Haul: (Training intelligence required: Advanced, Steps: 7)

Animals trained in hauling will haul just as colonists do, although each species has a specific carrying capacity according to its size. Only species of sufficient size can haul, but the size required is less than it is for rescuing, meaning some animals can haul items but cannot rescue. Animals will perform hauling intermittently.