Intermediate Midgame Guide

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In some ways, Midgame is vastly different from early game in RimWorld. Sometimes the point comes that you have to use devious tactics when your colony is helplessly outnumbered, or drastically change the priorities of your colonists.


There are many types of ways you can set up buildings on your map to possibly save your colonists' lives in dire situations:

  • Shelters: If your colony relies on hunting for food(tundra, desert, etc) building small rooms with an emergency food and wood supply can save your colonists from enraged animals.
  • Turret Mounds: Sometimes sandbags are just not enough. Building "turret mounds" around the map in strategic locations can decimate a good number of raiders before they even get to the colony. Turret mounds are built on a 3x3 block of land:

Where O is a turret and # is a stone wall.

Midgame combat tactics

When you are outnumbered, thinking smart with your combat tactics is also key to not losing colonists.

Your first taste of payback