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Hunt is an order used to mark wild animals to be automatically hunted and killed by hunters. Once a hunter's target is downed, they will finish it off at point-blank range by cutting its throat. Hunters will only hunt animals inside their allowed areas. If a properly configured stockpile zone is present and has room, the hunter will then haul the corpse back before resuming hunting. These corpses can then be butchered by cooks to yield meat and leather, with type and quantity of both depending on the animal hunted.

Animals can be marked for hunting in the Wildlife menu. Multiple animals can be selected clicking and dragging the mouse down the "Mark animals for Hunting" column. This tab also shows the revenge chance for each animal and has a special icon for predators. All wild animals on the current map are shown there. If an animal is injured or downed, it will be highlighted as such. Such animals may be 'finished off' for easy meat.

Hunters only hunt when equipped with a ranged weapon, when their Hunting task is active in the Work menu, and when all other jobs of a higher priority are finished.

Some animals have a chance to "revenge" when harmed, that is turn manhunter and attack any nearby humans. Each time an animal is injured, a check whether the animal will turn manhunter is performed. When an animal turns manhunter there is a chance that any nearby animal of the same species will also turn manhunter. When marking an animal for hunting with a chance to turn manhunter, a warning will be displayed.

Hunters are coded to shoot marked animals from a maximum distance to minimize the risk of injury should the target turn manhunter. However, animals will flee from nearby gunshots and may inadvertently move closer to the hunter. Weapons with a long range and high damage per shot are the safest for hunting weapons, such as the greatbow and bolt-action rifle, while short-range weapons, low damage weapons and weapons that predominantly get their DPS from low-damage but high rates of fire, such as the machine pistol are poor choices. [Fact check] The hunting stealth of the hunter directly scales the chance of manhunting.

Version history[edit]

  • 0.14.1234 - Projectiles fired by hunting colonists no longer intercept random targets.
  • 1.4.3523 - Pawns no longer hunt animals outside their allowed area.