Guinea pig fur

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Guinea pig fur

Guinea pig fur

Sheets of guinea pig fur. It is delicate, but luxurious.

Base Stats

Stuff Categories
Market Value
Stack Limit
0.03 kg
Path Cost

Stat Modifiers

Beauty Factor
Work To Make Factor
Work To Build Factor
Max Hit Points
Armor - Sharp
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Heat
Insulation - Cold
+38 °C (68.4 °F)
Insulation - Heat
+18 °C (32.4 °F)

Guinea pig fur is a type of leather produced when a cook butchers a Guinea pig at a butcher table.


The following animals provide guinea pig fur.

  • Animal Leather Yield
    Guinea pig 16
  • Analysis

    Guinea pig fur is one of the least protective textiles in the game, 3-way tied for 18th most protective. However it also has an exceptional cold insulation, market value and beauty factor. It is very similar Chinchilla fur but trades some item durability, market value and beauty for additional insulation.

    Its poor protection means its utility as clothing is negligible outside of cold biomes. Guinea pigs themselves are fairly rare and have a very small leather yield, so almost any other leather or textile will likely be both more available and more protective. In cold biomes however, as guinea pig fur has the highest cold insulation of any textile in the game, tribalwear made from it can allow a pawn to survive without having to sacrifice the greater protection from a duster of a strong material for something warmer. In very cold biomes, very warm materials on all items may be required to survive. It has the lowest item durability of any textile as well however.

    For use in furniture, its place as the textile with the 5th highest beauty factor and market value makes it a good choice for improving furniture beauty and room stats. However sourcing enough material to use this commonly will be difficult, as to gather enough fur for even a single armchair would require butchering of 7 guinea pigs.

    Guinea pig fur's high market value also make it a valuable commodity, especially if processed into a high quality item of clothing or furniture first. While the efficiency of raising guinea pigs for the slaughter is unknown, it is likely inferior to chinchillas and chinchilla fur for this purpose.