Geothermal generator

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{{Template:TNTN|building| |name = Geothermal generator |image = GeothermalPlant.png|160px| Geothermal generator |info = Produces power. |type = Buildings| Buildings |type2 = Power| Power |placeable = y |size = 6|6 |hp = 500 |power = + 4000 |buy = Steel 250 |sell = Steel 125 }}

Structure that allows to convert energy of the Geyser into electrical power, and therefore must be placed directly over one. To build generator colony must research it first (with cost of 900 research points). The geothermal generator produces just over twice as much power as solar panels, at just over 3 times the cost. It runs day or night, and can be used in cramped spaces, unlike the solar panel/wind turbine. Completely enclosing a geothermal generator can start a fire in the generator.