Fleshmass nucleus

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Fleshmass nucleus

Fleshmass nucleus

The archotech core of a fleshmass heart. It is a chaotic lattice of fluid-smeared metal. Solid chunks of jagged metal appear here and there, packed with archotechnology. The whole structure slowly twists and bends under its own power.
It constantly grows meat on its surface, which occasionally erupts violently. If too much meat builds up, it will regrow into a fleshmass heart.

Base Stats


The fleshmass nucleus is an entity added by the Anomaly DLC that will occasionally produce twisted meat.


This Entity is found after killing a Fleshmass heart. The heart will leave this as a dropped item, and it can be captured as you would any downed Entity.


The fleshmass nucleus can be contained on a holding platform or holding spot. It does not have a minimum containment strength, but must be contained to be studied and suppressed.

The nucleus will constantly gain activity (Base 10% a day) as new flesh grows across its surface. A warden will need to suppress it to reduce its activity. If its activity reaches 100%, the flesh will reach critical mass and form a new fleshmass heart. This will occur wherever the nucleus is contained and spread across the map like before. The new fleshmass heart will have a unique biosignature, requiring you to collect new fleshmass neural lumps to kill it.

The nucleus will also produce 2-6 piles of Twisted Meat. The amount of meat produced is random, with higher levels of activity producing more meat[How much?]. It does this at random intervals with an MTB of 60,000 ticks (24 in-game hours), and a minimum time of 15,000 ticks (6 in-game hours).

If it is not needed, a nucleus that is not in containment can be disposed of by ordering a pawn to attack it until it is destroyed. A captured nucleus can be destroyed in the same way by releasing it first.


The fleshmass nucleus yields 3 bioferrite and 200W per day.

When destroyed, a nucleus yields 2 shards and twisted meat.[How much?]


Compared to other entities, the fleshmass nucleus is much less dangerous when the colony does not have a strong containment cell; It cannot escape randomly, and there are no downsides to farming bioferrite from it as this does not influence activity gain. Use of an electroharvester will increase the rate of activity gain per day by 15%.

Similar to the nociosphere, at least one colonist should be available at any given time to keep the fleshmass nucleus' activity suppressed, especially if farmed for electricity.

Keeping the nucleus at high activity may allow for the farming of large amounts of Twisted Meat, which can be useful for feeding Ghouls and Wargs, refining into Kibble for non-carnivorous animals, or refining into Chemfuel. The twisted meat produced by 1 nucleus kept at high activity can fuel 8-10 Chemfuel Generators.


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