Firefoam pop pack

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Firefoam pop pack

Firefoam pop pack

A utility pack made for firefighters. When triggered, a burst of fire-retardant foam is released, covering a wide circle around its wearer.

Base Stats

Tech Level
Market Value
143 Silver [Note]
3 kg




Crafted At
Machining table
Required Research
Skill Required
Crafting 3
Work To Make
1,200 ticks (20 secs)
Resources to make
Steel 20 + Component 1 + Chemfuel 30

The firefoam pop pack is a utility item that releases a non-damaging explosion of firefoam on command, putting out fires, preventing the spread of other fires, and reducing the flammability of pawns in the area to 0%.


Firefoam pop pack can be crafted at a Machining table once the Firefoam research project has been completed. Each requires Steel 20 Steel, Component 1 Component, Chemfuel 30 Chemfuel and 1,200 ticks (20 secs) of work.

They can also be purchased from traders and found on Outlander and Pirate raiders.


Radius of the foam coverage

Firefoam pop packs are worn on the utility slot. When used, it creates a 5.9-tile radius of firefoam when used, and extinguishes any existing fires in that radius. The pop pack can deploy 1 charge at a time. Once used, it must be reloaded with Chemfuel 30 chemfuel.

Pyromaniacs have no objections to wearing or using the firefoam pop pack.

Like all utility items, a firefoam pop pack is treated largely like any piece of apparel, however some exceptions exist. Utility items are worn on the waist and are mutually exclusive only with each other, regardless of the layer or coverage of other apparel worn. Additionally, utility items never become tainted, deteriorate from being worn, or inflict a worn-out or tattered mood debuff when damaged.


As fire extinguishers, the pop pack is much cheaper than a firefoam popper (which requires Steel 75 Steel, Component 1 Component per use), but has a much smaller radius. The popper is automatically triggered when near fire, but the pop pack must be activated by a pawn. In general, the popper is best at protecting your warehouses, while the pop pack can be deployed anywhere, a trait helpful in combat.

Note that firefoam pop packs require chemfuel. For many colonies, this means researching Biofuel Refining alongside the actual firefoam research.


Firefoam packs are useful in any combat situation involving fire. Pawns lit on fire will stop shooting and run around wildly, all while taking damage. An unlucky inferno cannon shot can lead to the death of several pawns, through direct injury, reduced DPS output and the ignited pawns running out of cover and into enemy fire. Deployed firefoam sets flammability of nearby pawns and tiles to 0%, which prevents fire from happening at all. Unless it is raining, the firefoam will stay on the ground until a colonist actually cleans it up. Additionally, a single pack carrying pawn can cover several nearby pawns so they can carry other utility items.

Enemies can also wear firefoam pop packs, using the pack whenever they are near or on fire. This can lead to the amusing situation where enemies will constantly try to light your crops on fire, just for it to be extinguished by the firefoam.


Pop packs deploy enough firefoam to completely douse small fires, such as from lightning, short circuits or even incendiary shells, so long as the fire hasn't spread. As long as you can get a colonist to the fire quickly, then the pop pack can act as a full replacement to the more expensive popper.

However, colonists are still colonists - vulnerable to injury, mental breaks, and the heatstroke from the fire itself - so are less reliable in practice. The firefoam popper is automatically triggered. The pop pack also takes up the utility slot, which can potentially be an issue.

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