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'''Firefighting''' is present in two forms of the game.  It is accomplished by  [[colonist]]s going over to a burning portion of the map and "stomping" on the [[fire]] until it goes out completely or by a [[Firefoam popper|Firefoam Popper]] exploding.
You can also explode fire out, with grenades (draft a colonist who has them, target the fire) for example.
Brave colonists, NOT incapacitated by their fear of fire (Scary) or pyromaniacs and assigned to firefighting will stomp on the fires '''ONLY''' if the fire is within a designated '''[[Zone#Home Zone|home zone]]''' . Outside the home zone, colonists will just ignore the fires and carry on with their duties.
To fight fires outside of a home zone or to fight fires in a coordinated manner, draft the colonists and place them NEXT to the fire. They will fight any adjacent fires and you can better move your colonists to strategically attack it.
If the fires manage to spread to an area that is completely blocked off from the colonist, (such as the center of a [[Geothermal generator]]) the fire will be unable to be put out by colonists until it rains or the structure is destroyed. [[Firefoam popper]]s can be used to extinguish these flames by placing a popper nearby and manually exploding it. After their initial construction, Firefoam Poppers can be uninstalled and stored. Reinstalling them later—near a small-to-moderately sized field of fire—and manually detonating them allows a single pawn to quickly and safely complete a dangerous task that could otherwise occupy several pawns for many danger-filled hours. 
Note that the colonists can catch on fire while trying to put out the fires. See [[fire]] for more details.
Extremely large and long lasting fires will force a rain event. Rain will stop the spread of unroofed fires and eventually extinguish them.
By default, all colonists not currently working on another job will go to extinguish a fire if capable, whether someone else has taken the job or not. This allows both the person standing right beside the one tile left on fire to try and extinguish it and the person on the other side of the map who booked it first.
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