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Filth is something on the ground that has negative beauty.

Filth is removed by colonists assigned to Cleaning. Only filth in the Home area will be cleaned, anything outside the area will be ignored. Note that a home area is automatically created when placing buildings or structures.

Summary Table

Certain unsightly objects, i.e. vomit, have one value when under a roof and a lower value when unroofed. This simulates the general disgust of seeing eyesores indoors versus encountering them outside. Some messes can be spread by pawns tracking through them and others can be washed away by rain.

The effect of filth on outdoors beauty is 30% of the effect indoors.

Name Source Beauty (indoors) Beauty (outdoors) Cleanliness Trackable Washes away Work to clean Notes
Amniotic fluid Fluid produced when an animal gives birth -30 -9 -5 yes yes 70
Ash Produced after flammables catch fire. -20 -7 -5 yes yes 70
Animal filth Produced by animals when walking on constructed floors -15 -4 -5 yes no 35
Blood From a bleeding human or animal -30 -9 -10 yes yes 70
Bugblood From a bleeding insectoid -40 -12 -15 yes yes 80
Building rubble Debris created by collapsed structures -15 -4 -5 no no 35
Corpse bile From a rotting corpse -50 -15 -15 yes yes 80
Dirt Produced by humanlikes when walking on constructed floors -15 -4 -5 yes no 35
Firefoam Fireproof foam from a firefoam popper -25 -8 -5 yes yes 70 It prevents fire from igniting.
Chemfuel puddle Flammable puddles created by incendiary weapons. -10 -3 -5 yes yes 70 It can be lit on fire, and despawns on its own.
Rock rubble Debris created by digging into mineral rocks -15 -4 -5 no no 35
Sand Produced by pawns when walking on constructed floors after sand -15 -4 -5 yes no 35
Scattered sandbags Remnants from damaged or destroyed sandbags -15 -4 -5 no no 35
Scattered slag Spawned by crashed ships -15 -4 -5 no no 35
Slime Found after opening a cryptosleep casket or during infestations -25 -8 -15 yes yes 70
Vomit Vomit from a human or animal -40 -12 -15 yes yes 70

Version History

  • 1.2.2753 - Dirt now washes away in rain.