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Drugs can be useful to gain temporary benefits of various sorts, but can lead to harmful addictions, negative side effects, and even overdose resulting in permanent ailments or death. Most drugs are crafted using either psychoid leaves or neutroamine. Beer, however requires hops and has an intermediate stage before fermenting called wort.

If you want to avoid drugs in your colony, you have the option of burning them at a campfire or crematorium, or forbidding them and selling them to a trader which is lucrative on the market. Binging pawns will take drugs even if they're forbidden though.

Burning drugs to prevent policy breakers from overdose.

The effects of drugs are modulated by body size, so smaller creatures need less beer to be drunk than bigger animals such as the Thrumbo.

Drugs can be assigned for regular taking through the drug policy system. Similar to Outfits, drug policies are an assigned schedule for taking drugs. You can set any number of drugs, each with a frequency. For example, you can assign a colonist to drink 2 beers every day, and take one Penoxycyline every 5 days. You can also toggle to use the drug to feed an addiction, separately from joy usage.

Drugs can also be administered through a medical operation. Animals may take drugs on their own if they are within their allowed areas.

The drugs in the game are split into the following categories:

Hard Social Medical Other
Go-juice Beer Luciferium Ambrosia
Flake Smokeleaf joint Penoxycyline
Wake-up Psychoid pekoe

Addiction and Tolerance

Addictions are a sad reality that most drug-using colonies must face. Without a continuous supply of drugs, withdrawal symptoms will kick in and your poor colonist will suffer.

Tolerance is the value related to addiction upon consumption of any drugs. It has a fixed buildup amount for each drug, and decreases each day afterwards. Colonists will have a chance of getting addicted once they cross a certain tolerance threshold. Safe consumption of drugs can be set in the restriction tab for drug usage.

When tolerant, the severity given per dose of the drug will decrease by a fixed amount, meaning that they will last shorter, and colonists will need to consume more of them.
Addiction also has the same effect, in addition to requiring the pawn get a regular dose of the drug to prevent withdrawal.

Drug Tolerance for using Min Tolerance before addiction Tolerance per day Doses before addiction Safe doses every X days
Beer 0.032 0.25 -0.015 7.81 2.13
Smokeleaf 0.03 0.15 -0.015 5 2
Flake 0.045 0 -0.015 0 never
Yayo 0.04 0.04 -0.015 0 never
Wake-up 0.045 0.08 -0.015 1.78 3
Go-juice 0.044 0.03 -0.015 0 never
Ambrosia 0.032 0.15 -0.020 4.69 1.6
Psychoid pekoe 0.02 0.10 -0.015 5 1.33...
Values as of Beta 18

Fighting Addictions

Drug binges

While in withdrawal, colonists may randomly have drug binges. This can be detrimental to recovery.

You can draft another colonist to try and arrest the drugged colonist. Using force can have a negative social influence on the patient and increased mood debuffs that will make recovery even harder, specially if such measure was performed with weapons (healing will take longer and could injure the body badly). So its best to wait until the pawn is "downed" / collapses due to exhaustion or starvation, and then rescue the person without physical intervention.

If you have no drugs left on the map, then good for you as all the colonist will do is to wander around like nobody's business; they can't binge because there's nothing to binge on.

One alternative to keeping drugs out of the hands of binging addicts is to place the drugs in a room and board up the entrance temporarily by building a wall in front of it. They will ultimately wander around until their senses are restored. This could also be done to the addict by trapping them but can be counterproductive when they become hungry.

'Rehab center'

You can arrest an addicted colonist and hold them in prison until they're clean by drafting another colonist and right clicking on the addict. Warning: colonists may fight being arrested. Imprisoning them contains the impacts of their mental breaks and denies them access to drugs.



Withdrawal will make the person feel a great mood drop and impair stats, depending on the addicted drug. Once the withdrawal passes away, the colonist will feel good as new.

During this time, you may want to give your colonist more time to enjoy himself. Giving him social drugs may help depending on the situation, but remember never to feed his addiction as this resets the withdrawal countdown, unless he's addicted to multiple drugs at the same time, in which it may be easier to deal with 1 drug addiction at a time.

The health overview tab which will display a counter with withdrawal percentage. The higher it gets, the closer to complete recovery (100%, though 99.5% is rounded to 100% in display).

Colonist who almost defeated his addiction to psychite


Drug Market Value Ingredients Work Amount Minimum Skills
Wake-Up 24 2 Neutroamine 14
Penoxycyline 32 3 Neutroamine 9
Flake 14 4 Psychoid leaves 5
Yayo 23 8 Psychoid leaves 7
Psychoid pekoe 14 4 Psychoid leaves 7
Smokeleaf 11 4 Smokeleaf leaves 6
Go-Juice 45 2 Neutroamine, 1 Yayo 7
Beer 9 1 Wort ?
Recipes as of Alpha 16


A synthetic combat drug developed for space marines during the early days of interplanetary warfare. Go-juice blocks pain and increases the user's melee and shooting abilities. It also enhances movement speed. Military chemists who created it were never able to remove its addictiveness. Some saw this as a downside; others saw it as a benefit.

Main Article: Go-juice

Drug info
Addictiveness 8%
Market value $53.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 10
Drug effects
Mood +5
Consciousness +10%
Joy +40%
Movement +30%
Pain x10%
Rest +40%


A concoction of advanced glitterworld mechanites that dramatically improve the body's functioning in all respects. Unfortunately, without the moderating effects of regular doses every five or six days, the mechanites lose cohesion, causing continuous berserk rages and, eventually, death. After the first dose, there is no way to get the mechanites out, ever. On the urbworlds, they call Luciferium the 'Devil's Bargain'. Many have been forced to kill friends when no more of the seductive red pills could be found.

Main Article: Luciferium

Drug info
Addictiveness 100%
Market value $120.00
Hit points 50
Work to make n/a
Drug effects
Blood filtration +70%
Blood pumping +15%
Breathing +10%
Consciousness +25%
Hearing +20%
Metabolism +20%
Moving +25%
Pain x80%
Sight +20%


A drug for blocking various infections. Blocks malaria, sleeping sickness, and plague. Take every 5 days.

Main Article: Penoxycyline

Drug info
Addictiveness 0%
Market value $18.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 10


A flaky substance that can be smoked to induce a short but powerful euphoric state. While it is cheap to produce, it is exceptionally addictive.

Main Article: Flake

Drug info
Addictiveness 20%
Market value $14.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 5
Drug effects
Mood +35
Joy +70%
Pain x50%
Rest +20%
Tiredness x33%


A fine white powder snorted to produce a euphoric high. Yayo reduces the user's need for rest, and suppresses pain. It is, however, addictive.

Main Article: Yayo

Drug info
Addictiveness 10%
Market value $21.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 6
Drug effects
Mood +35
Joy +80%
Pain x50%
Rest +40%
Tiredness x33%

Psychoid pekoe

A fragrant tea which can be drank to induce a weak euphoric effect. Very easy to produce, but be wary of addiction..

Main Article: Psychite tea

Drug info
Addictiveness 0.02%
Market value $10.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 7
Drug effects
Mood +12
Joy +40%
Pain x90%
Rest +10%
Tiredness x90%

Smokeleaf joint

Smokeleaf leaves prepared in small rolls for smoking. The drug improves mood, but also increases appetite, reduces focus, and slows movement. Smokeleaf use can produce a dependency. Can be produced without equipment, at a crafting spot.

Main Article: Smokeleaf joint

Drug info
Addictiveness 2%
Market value $11.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 8
Drug effects
Mood +15
Consciousness 30%
Joy 80%
Hunger rate 130%
Movement 30%
Pain 20%
Rest 10%


An addictive stimulant. Fills the need for rest, and allows users to work for extended periods without getting tired. Addiction causes reduced mental performance and, sometimes, psychotic breaks with reality.

Drug info
Addictiveness 10%
Market value $24.00
Hit points 50
Work to make 14
Drug effects
Consciousness +10%
Global work speed +50%
Joy 40.00%
Moving +10%
Rest 100%
Tiredness x80%