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Downed is a condition in which a creature (human, animal, etc) is alive but incapable of movement. This is caused by one of the following states, listed in order of severity:

  1. Unconscious. Consciousness is below 30% but above 0%.
  2. Pain shock. Pain reaches Pain Shock Threshold.
  3. Incapacitated. Moving capacity is 15% or less.

"Downed", "incapacitated", and "incapable of movement" are often used as synonyms. While "incapacitated" is also one of the above-mentioned states, it doesn't usually matter, which particular state causes incapacitation. Though, creature lying in a suitable bed or something is not usually called "downed" but "incapacitated". Also, incapacitated creature's current activity as shown in inspect pane is only "Downed" when they are lying in a random place but bed. And it is usually "Resting" or "Sleeping" when they are in bed. Fun fact: if their bed is made unsuitable by changing its permissions or ownership, they instantly pop from under blanket and become downed right on the pillow, even while staying unconscious.

The moment a creature is downed, all attacks on them stop. When humans are downed, they drop any weapon in their hands.

An incapacitated creature is a valid target for a variety of actions:

  • Rescue.
  • Being fired at by a drafted pawn equipped with a ranged weapon (without Shooting XP, though). It is similar to firing at non-downed targets.
  • Melee attack to death by a drafted pawn (without Melee XP, though). It is similar to meleeing non-downed targets.
  • Being carried by any drafted pawn, even by the one incapable of hauler work.
  • Being tended by a drafted pawn on the spot.

Actions specific to incapacitated humans:

Actions specific to downed animals:

  • Neck cut. Performed routinely on a downed hunter's target, finishing it in a moment. While tamed animals cannot be hunted, the same deadly cut can be applied to them by slaughtering.
  • Downed tamed animals are special for some reason and can be tended by a non-drafted doctor in place, without being rescued.

Enemies have a chance to die instantly after being downed, which depends on storyteller's setting "Enemy death on downed". This can be particularly annoying at an attempt to incapacitate and capture a specific pawn for recruitment. Downing from blood loss, heatstroke, hypothermia, or toxic buildup does not kill instantly.

Version history

  • 1.3.3066 - Drafted pawns can tend to others in the field. They will use medicine if they are carrying any.
  • 1.3.3066 - Drafted pawns can be ordered to carry another downed pawn. The pawn can be dropped on command.