Cowboy hat

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Cowboy hat


"Stylish yet rugged, this hat keeps the sun and rain off - and it gives anyone who wears it a bit of extra charm. It is the most important part of traditional western attire."

Work To Make
Market Value
70 Silver.png
0.14 kg
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Sharp
Cloth 25


Overview & Obtaining

Cowboy hats are the complementary garment to dusters, both tied to a Western theme in RimWorld. As with Dusters, Cowboy hats provide thermal insulation for a pawn. Cowboy hats can be purchased, crafted, or stripped from Outlanders. Cowboy hats also provide a 10% bonus to social chat impact, due to their style.


As a complicated garment, cowboy hats require complex clothing to be researched and can only be made at a hand-tailoring bench or an electric tailoring bench. A cowboy hat requires 25 of any textile, and 84 seconds of work (5,000 ticks) to be created, assuming baseline global work speed, consciousness, sight, and manipulation.

Conclusion & Comparison

Overall, cowboy hats can be quite important when it comes to survival in hotter climates as they provide an additional half the thermal insulation that a duster does, and therefore compliments it well. The social chat impact can also prove to be useful for wardens as relationships with prisoners will be built quicker, reducing the time it takes to recruit them (but a bowler hat would provide a higher bonus to this). Tuques are only more viable in extreme cold climates, where temperatures can plummet below -30 Celsius.