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Previous Version: Console version/1.22
Released on: 4 May 2023
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Released on: 12 May 2023

Features / additions[edit]

  • Added: Cheat Mode
  • Added: Custom Colonists! You can now customise colonist backgrounds and traits in custom scenarios
  • Added: Adjust colonist stats when Cheats are enabled
  • Added: God mode! Experiment, set up role playing situations or just kick start your colony with instant and unlimited building
  • Added: Combat formations - select multiple colonist in draft mode and move reticle which hold down the move command to set formations
  • Added: Photo mode - Show off your bases or share story moments without the HUD and UI
  • Added: Missing label for once-per-day in drug policy popup
  • Added: Popup background to custom colonist template so it contrasts with the template below



  • Improved: Display "give items to" interaction icon during beggars quest
  • Improved: Show colonists from all maps in the assign menu
  • Improved: Swapped values in Auto-slaughter screen when adjusting max male/female young


  • Improved: Allow changing medical care via assign menu so that it can be changed for colonists in caravans without having to get into a map



  • Fix: Make reward preference screen number not cut off and add popup background to help with readability


  • Fix: Ritual factors showing in the ritual letter that had no influence on the ritual
  • Fix: Incorrect saving of ideoligions of factions/pawns when multiple ideoligions are loaded when creating the colony
  • Fix: Continue button not working in Structure and Styles menu when changing a style then changing it back to random
  • Fix: "Skip" psy power causing game errors when using