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Chemical need is the game mechanic that controls the need of Characters with the Chemical interest or Chemical fascination traits to consume social and hard drugs of any kind, distinct from addictions. A character with a higher chemical value has consumed drugs recently, and has fulfilled that need more than another character with a low chemical level. Only pawns with those traits have the need. You can view the chemical need of any affected human by viewing the "Chemical" bar and the corresponding mouseover text in the Needs tab.

Pawns with this need that spend too long without consuming drugs will become increasingly unhappy, while satisfying the need provides a mood bonus.

Need changes

The chemical need is fulfilled by consuming certain drugs:

Over time, the need ticks down and must be replenished. The rate the need ticks down is dependent on two factors; the trait causing the need, and the current value of the need. The value decreases every 150 ticks (2.5 secs).

Chemical interest:

50% * (1 * num) / 60000f * 150f

Where num is defined by

Multiplier by Current Need

Chemical fascination:

50% * (1.25 * num) / 60000f * 150f

Where num is defined by

Multiplier by Current Need

The end result is that Chemically Fascinated pawns need

Need thresholds

A character's chemical need level is divided by five thresholds: "Chemical starvation", "Chemical hunger", "Chemical want", "Chemical comfort", and "Chemical satisfaction". These thresholds determine when the bood buffs and penalties are applied. The thresholds are indicated by small notches on the "Chemical" bar in the tab of pawns with this need.

The location of each threshold and the magnitude of the mood effect is dependent on whether the pawn in question has the Chemical Interest or Chemical Fascination trait.

Chemical Interest
Label Saturation Mood modifier
Chemical starvation 0 - 1% −6
Chemical hunger 2% - 15% −4
Chemical want 16% - 30% −2
N/A 30% - 60% 0
Chemical comfort 60% - 75% +1
Chemical satisfaction 75% - 100% +3
Chemical Fascination
Label Saturation Mood modifier
Chemical starvation 0% - 10% −12
Chemical hunger 11% - 25% −8
Chemical want 26% - 40% −4
N/A 41% - 70% 0
Chemical comfort 71% - 85% +3
Chemical satisfaction 85% - 100% +6