Cassandra Classic

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Cassandra Classic

Cassandra Classic

Cassandra creates story events on a steadily-increasing curve of challenge and tension.

Base Stats

AI Storytellers

Cassandra Classic is the default storyteller. Cassandra will always send a single mad animal, followed by a single raider, from 6 to 10 days from arrival. Challenges are consistent, but with breaks every 1-2 raids.


Many players find Cassandra to be more difficult than Randy, mostly due to her consistent raids. While Randy is often quiet for months or even years at a time, Cassandra is forced to send major threats on a somewhat regular basis. At the same time, players can take advantage of her hardcoded breaks. When playing with Randy, a raid can happen at any time, so players can never be 100% secure.

In addition, Randy could send multiple 1.5x size raids back-to-back, potentially creating situations that are harder than what Cassandra can possibly dish out.

Code specifics

Major Threats


Misc. Events