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A dryad caste specialized in carrying items. Under human influence, it can help haul things where they need to go.
In general, dryads are mammal-like creatures that have a symbiotic relationship with the Gauranlen tree. They reproduce together with their tree, which contains a hidden dryad queen. Dryads can morph into various specialized castes.

Base Stats


Pawn Stats

Move Speed
2.4 c/s
Health Scale
Body Size
Mass - Baby
8.004 kg
Mass - Juvenile
20.01 kg
Mass - Adult
40.02 kg
Carrying Capacity
50 kg
Filth Rate
Life Expectancy
80 years
Manhunter Chance
Trainable Intelligence
Hauling only
Comfortable Temp Range
-50 °C – 50 °C (-58 °F – 122 °F)


Meat Yield
4 immature dryad meat

Melee Combat

Attack 1
Front left paw
8 dmg (Scratch)
12 % AP
2 second cooldown
Stun for 280 ticks (4.67 secs) on first strike
Attack 2
Front right paw
8 dmg (Scratch)
12 % AP
2 second cooldown
Stun for 280 ticks (4.67 secs) on first strike
Attack 3
9 dmg (Bite)
13 % AP
2 second cooldown
0.9 chance factor
Stun for 280 ticks (4.67 secs) on first strike
Attack 4
4 dmg (Blunt)
6 % AP
2 second cooldown
0.2 chance factor
Average DPS

Carriers are a caste of Dryads, a type of animal added by the Ideology DLC. These chunky helpers will haul things where they need to go.


All dryads, including the carrier, are produced by a gauranlen tree. They have no need to eat, are immune to disease events, and have 100% Toxic Resistance, rendering them immune to Toxic fallout and Toxic buildup. Dryads cannot die from blood loss, so in practice will survive virtually any damage that doesn't immediately kill them. Dryads can retreat to a healing pod in order to regenerate wounds; this takes 3 days and heals all permanent injuries and bad conditions.

Unlike other animals with Haul training, dryads will continuously haul for as long as there's hauling to do, rather than waiting for random intervals. They have a carrying capacity of 50kg and move roughly half as fast as a human.


Carrier dryads are surprisingly powerful haulers despite their slow speed, which is made up for with a better AI and no need to eat. While trained animals are "reminded" to haul at random intervals, carriers consistently haul as long as work is available. This "tortoise vs hare" relationship results in the carriers taking the lead versus other contestants such as the labrador retriever. and despite moving under half as fast will often perform as well as around 1.5 labs. This is in addition to being better equipped for extreme weather, having great tolerances for hot and cold.

Compared to the haul power of colonists, carriers are superior. One colonist can create up to 4 carriers per gauranlen tree and 4 carriers perform about 10% more hauling than a single regular pawn. Carriers will constantly haul while awake, which is longer than the time taken to prune 4 dryads even at 0 plants skill (about 8 hours a day to maintain, down to 6 at 8 skill and 4.5 at 20). Dryads also have no need for food or recreation and aren't held back by pesky things such as brain scars or a missing leg. Therefore, pruning can be a way to make even very disabled pawns useful for a colony.

Compared to Lifters Content added by the Biotech DLC, carriers move slower, and their need to actually rest means that they haul for less time than the robot. Lifters also require no further maintenance once it's built, as opposed to the large amount of pruning time. However, lifters require Electricity to be researched and create pollution. It's also less expensive, but slower, to create 4 carriers than 4 lifters.


This animal can be trained as follows:

Guard:  Ex.png
Attack:  Ex.png
Rescue:  Ex.png
Haul:  Check.png

*As of version 1.1.2610, all animals can be tamed. The percentage of likelihood of success depends on factors such as the Animals Wildness Percentage, Pawn Handling Skill, and others. More information can be found on the animals page.

Carriers start fully trained in Haul and have no training decay. While their trainability is advanced, Carriers cannot be taught any other skills.


Body part Health
Head 20
Skull 20
Brain 8
Nose 8
Neck 20
Jaw 16
Eye [1]
(left, right)
(left, right)
Body 32
(left, right)
(left, right)
Liver[2] 16
Heart[2] 12
Spine[2] 20
Stomach[2] 16
(left, right, fore, hind)
(left, right, fore, hind)
  1. Located inside of Head.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 2.3 2.4 2.5 Located inside of Body.

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