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The first beverage besides water ever consumed by mankind. Beer can taste good, but its main effect is intoxication. Excessive consumption can lead to alcohol addiction.

DrugSocial Drug
Stack Limit

Base Stats

Deterioration Rate
Market Value
Max Hit Points
Melee Cooldown
Melee Damage

Stat Modifiers

Beer is produced by fermenting wort in a fermenting barrel for 10 days. Wort is produced at a brewery. The brewery requires a colonist with the cooking job type set in the Overview. It uses the bill system like other production stations. The bill can be set to a require minimum cooking skill level. This process yields 5 wort for 25 hops and takes 17 work. The amount of time it takes to complete the bill is determined by the colonist's brewing speed. Beer is consumed by colonists who are addicted, stressed, on an alcohol binge or are in need of some food and joy (it actually replenishes both by quite a bit). Beer is useful for mood management as it provides a positive mood modifier to offset stress. Overuse, including for stress relief, may lead to alcohol addiction.

Beer provides a huge boost to a colonist's joy.

Beer can be wielded as a weapon with the following stats.

Melee Attack Damage Amount Cooldown DPS
Blunt 7 108 3.89


Consuming beer raises a colonist's alcohol level by 15% per beer. Alcohol level, not displayed in-game, determines inebriation level and falls automatically over time. Beer's effect on mood and pain can help a colonist with poor mood or in extreme pain. Once a colonist becomes drunk the game records it so it may be used later in an art description.

Label Alcohol Level (%) Mood (+) Pain Reduction (%) Side Effects
Buzzed-hidden <10 - - -
Warm 10 10 10 manipulation -2%
Tipsy 25 15 20 consciousness -10%
Drunk 40 20 50 consciousness -35%, vomiting
Hammered 70 25 70 consciousness -60%, vomiting
Blackout 90 25 90 consciousness 10% max (incapacitated)


Once a colonist reaches a drunk state they will go through the hangover stages after their inebriation wears off. If a colonist drinks beer while hungover they will be both hungover and inebriated.

Label Mood Side Effects
Hungover (pounding) -10 consciousness -18%, vomiting
Hungover (strong) -5 consciousness -8%
Hungover (slight) -2 consciousness -3%

Long-term Effects

When one starts developing a tolerance to Alcohol, they will develop Cirrhosis of the liver in a mean time of 60 in-game days (or 1 year), which permanently hinders their consciousness, blood filtration, and blood pumping - and the only way to cure Cirrhosis is to perform a liver transplant. Additionally, a Major or worse Carcinoma (with a minimum severity of 0.5) will develop in the liver in a mean time of 180 in-game days (3 years): a mean time of 2 years after Cirrhosis steps in, again being fixable either via transplant, or removed by a skilled doctor. However, animals cannot have transplants performed as of Alpha 16, unless playing with mods.

Chemical Damage in the brain which has a massive effect on consciousness (limits it to 50%) will occur should one pass out from too much alcohol in a mean time of 10 days after losing consciousness. There is no way to perform brain surgery in the base game as of Alpha 16, so affected pawns will permanently have significantly reduced performance, and effectively rendered useless in firefights with the exception of being put on rocket or grenade duty (or any other weapon which has a forced miss radius).