Antigrain warhead

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Antigrain warhead

Antigrain warhead.png

A tiny ultra-tech warhead usually used by spacecraft or glitterworld war machines. Powered by a grain of antimatter, it creates a huge explosion and starts fires around the target. Can be fired from mortars or installed as a trap. Explodes when damaged.

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The antigrain warhead is a mortar shell that can be fired by using a mortar or used as material to make an IED antigrain warhead trap. It detonates in a 15-tile radius dealing 400 damage and causes fire. Said explosion might occur in your base if the warhead is damaged down to 20 hp or is left to deteriorate to nothing.

As with all mortar shells, it is heavily advised that you keep it in a safe place where it cannot deteriorate or come under fire, or you might find that large parts of your base no longer exist, multiple pawns have vanished without a trace from your colonist bar (not even a X is left), and you are missing a very rare item. For maximum safety, place it in a bunker with multiple doors and triple thick walls to prevent tantrums from instantly deleting a pawn and parts of your base. If a pawn does decide to punch an antigrain warhead, try arresting them. If your pawns are too far, try shooting them. Even if they are left with scars and a social penalty, it is still better than having them and half of your base vanish from existence.


The antigrain warhead cannot be crafted, but it can be obtained as a reward from quests, or rarely found inside an ancient shrine.


Antigrain warheads deal more than enough damage to one-shot most enemies in the game. This makes them utterly unmatched in siege defense, as they are capable of wiping out entire groups of raiders in a single blast.

Tougher, armored enemies such as the centipede are a bit more than likely to survive a blast, but will be severely weakened such that finishing them off becomes much easier. Also take note that a direct hit (rare as it is) will likely kill it outright.

Installed as a trap, it can be extremely useful against crashed ship parts as doing so helps overcome the inaccuracy of mortars.