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World quests are a new class of incidents added in Alpha 17. They don't affect any of your bases directly, and to interact with them, youmust send out a caravan to investigate.

They will be expanded in Alpha 18 with more incidents incoming.

Bandit camp opportunity

A nearby base is troubled by pirates setting up camp near them, and asks you to take them out in return for improved relations and some payment.

Caravan request

A nearby faction base requests a delivery of a specific item and will give payment after delivery is complete. You will need to gather up those resources and deliver them before the time limit is up.

Item quality

Currently the base doesn't give two hoots about the quality and durability of the item you're going to give them, so you can choose to make or find some lower-quality items to give them. They will still pay you the full amount even if you bring items of Awful quality at 1% health.

Similarly, there isn't much point in going the extra mile to make quality items since they won't pay any extra for those. Save them for yourself.

Item stash opportunity

The faction leader notifies you of an item stash nearby, and may warn you of any danger present. If you don't take the stash, others will take it.