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Wind Turbine


A wind-powered electrical generator. Requires a large clear space in front and behind for optimal air flow.

2 ˣ 5
+ 3000W
Steel 100 Component 2

The wind turbine produces a variable amount of power up to 3000W based on the current wind speed (for wind conditions see Weather). When placing it to be constructed it shows an exclusion zone outlined in white. It is vital to the Wind Turbine's function to keep the exclusion zone free from trees, buildings, roofs, and other tall constructions. The turbine's information window will list any objects in its exclusion zone and its power output will reduced (starting at -600W max for the first obstacle) eventually shutting down the turbine entirely. It is perfectly fine to fill the area with Solar generators or farming plots (that are not set to grow trees), and it is in fact a recommended strategy to maximize the use of space and prevent wild trees from obstructing the zone.

Wind turbines are perhaps the most efficient source of power in the game thanks to their incredibly high max output and ability to operate at some capacity 24/7. It is perfectly possible to run a stable base using only wind turbines and batteries since there are no wind related disasters like the Solar generator's Eclipse. Despite its open air appearance, the Wind Turbine is impassable and will block pathing across its 2 by 5 tiles footprint. Be careful of placing too many turbines directly adjacent to each other as they may get in the way of your colonists. The air zone in front and behind is perfectly passable. The air zones are 6 by 5 tiles behind the turbine, and 10 by 5 tiles in front.


Wind obstructions are caused by: Impassable objects[1]: Roofs and Trees

  1. An impassable object is a object that pawns can't move over, for example: you can't move over a geothermal generator(impassable) but you can move over a turret(passable)

Low-lying structures don't obstruct the airflow around the wind turbine, therefore it's perfectly fine to build these structures in the 'clear zones' of a Wind Turbine. Here's a list of known structures that fall under this category...