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Tables are furniture used as a surface for colonists to eat from, preferred over eating on the ground. Tables are used once armchairs, dining chairs or stools are placed facing them. Corner spots can accommodate two simultaneous diners.

There are two lengths of table available for construction:

  • Table (short) (size 2x2) (accommodates eight simultaneous sitting/eating)
  • Table (long) (size 4x2) (accommodates twelve simultaneous sitting/eating)


Tables can be made of several different materials, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, and beauty modifiers.

Gathering Spot

A table is set by default as a gathering spot. Colonists will gather here to socialize, especially when idle. It can be toggled off.

Gather spot.png


  • Colonists will not be using already built tables that are further than 50 tiles (more or less) away at the needed moment.
  • Colonists will be more upset about eating without tables than their friends being dead.