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Space reflects a sense of being physically free and able to move around. It is harmed by spending extended periods in cramped rooms.


Visit the Clearance page to see how the unseen game mechanic calculates the need for space.

Space Need Room Size Buff Thought
0% - 29% 1-20 Squares -5 debuff Cramped interior
30% - 69% 24-48 Squares No buffs No thoughts
70% - 100% 54 or more Squares +5 buff Spacious interior

Knowing the above information will help quickly determine the size of room you may be interested in. It has been worked out with empty, square or rectangular shaped rooms for ease, hence the small discrepancy between them.

Room Sizes

Using the clearance calculations and some experimenting, here are some rooms to help visualise quickly what would suit specific room functions.

For the majority of the time, space isn't a concern when walking from location to location or in areas they don't spent much time. However there are some key rooms that are worth investing more space to avoid the long term effects of being in cramped rooms.

The details of each room below cover the smallest size with the minimal items required to avoid the 'cramped' debuff. However, using the Clearance calculations it will be easy to know how many extra tiles or squares a room will require when adding more furniture.


It is often argued that your humanoids don't mind small rooms while asleep. This is not the case, when sleeping they are still affected by the debuff for a cramped room.

The longer the humanoid spends in a cramped environment, the longer it takes to shake the debuff when entering larger rooms. So it is worth some thought, even for the sleeping space.

The smallest room size that prevents debuffs when sleeping is 5x5. This allows for a single or double bed with two humanoids while still avoiding the 'cramped' and 'crowded' debuffs. However, adding more items can easily make such a small bedroom cramped.


Common Room

Kitchen & Research



This can vary depending on how many beds you wish to have in the ward. However, for best happiness results, stick to a room each. The smallest size would be the same as the bedroom, 5x5, allowing for a hospital bed and vitals monitor. This helps remove the 'cramped' debuff but also helps prevent the 'crowded' debuff.