Scyther blade

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Scyther blade

Hand replacement with a telescoping blade. Scavenged from an incapacitated scyther mechanoid. Not very comfortable, but quite effective as a close-range weapon.

Medical ItemBody Part

Base Stats

Market Value
Max Hit Points
Melee Cooldown
Melee Damage

Stat Modifiers

Once removed from an incapacitated scyther, scyther blades can be installed onto a colonist as replacements for their fists. A scyther blade cannot be salvaged if it has been damaged or if the scyther is dead. To remove a blade, add a bill in the scyther's Health, Modifications tab. Only a colonist set as a constructor can extract the blade. Two scyther blades make up one of the best melee weapons in the game, out-DPS'ing a normal plasteel longsword (12.12 vs 10).

A scyther blade can only be installed on a natural arm and it deals 20 damage, compared to 6 damage from a fist. If an installed scyther blade gets replaced with an artificial arm or another hand attachment, the blade will be removed and boxed for reuse. Scyther blades come with a significant tradeoff, by reducing the hand's efficiency to 20%. A colonist with one normal hand and a blade on the other has 60% manipulation. A colonist with two blades installed has 20% manipulation, making one great at melee but not so good at anything needing good manipulation.

When meleeing a target, a colonist with no weapon often switches hands to attack. This means that a colonist with one blade and one normal fist is less effective than having two blades. A colonist equipped with one or more blades should not wield a melee weapon because they will use the weapon instead of their blades.

Scyther blades, despite being impractical outside combat, are extremely profitable with a base market price of 2000 silver. Even if you don't plan on using them, you should still harvest them from downed scythers so you can sell them for profit.

When social fighting, colonists will not use the scyther blade to hit the opponent.

Melee Attack Damage Amount Cooldown DPS
Cut 20 100 20