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Tracking page versions306:51, 2 August 2014
Translation818:14, 28 July 2014
Missing changes103:07, 28 July 2014
Random page vs. pages of different languages120:42, 15 July 2014
Random page vs. pages of different languages020:41, 15 July 2014
Category Portal104:19, 11 July 2014
Signature template009:46, 7 March 2014
Meals120:01, 6 March 2014
Last edit extension121:59, 19 January 2014

Tracking page versions

Many pages, now that Alpha 5 is out, need to be changed to fit the new data. Would it be a good idea to maybe have a category for each version? So as we update the pages for Alpha 5(c), we put them in a category labeled Category:Version 0.5.496.

Then when Alpha 6 comes out, whenever a page is updated or confirmed accurate you take it out of that category and put it in Category:Verion 0.6.xxx. Then we have a list (the Alpha 5 category) of the pages that still need to be updated that is always current.

Sound like a good plan? I think so

Snickers10m (talk)16:22, 8 July 2014

I agree. The Dwarf Fortress wiki goes so far as using different namespaces for versions, but I think categories would be a good compromise for us.

-Del. (talk)17:28, 8 July 2014

I'll wait for a little more input on this and then start putting all pages into a version categories based on any version tags or information I see on the page. Everyone is free to help. Do your best on pages not in your language and if you're unsure of the version put it in Category:Version Unknown.

Snickers10m (talk)19:32, 8 July 2014

The hard part about this idea is keeping it updated. When a new update comes out we don't want to go through every single page - including the ones that had no changes in the update - and change the category of them.. but the current {{Version}} template would just put the latest version on every page, completely dissolving the point of this idea.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to automatically update some sort of version tag on every page (whether it be a small box at the top of the page or a category it's in) on the day of the update except the ones that need updating? I was going to make a template for it but I didn't want to clog Recent Changes with me trying to make Mediawiki work the way I want it to.

Snickers10m (talk)06:51, 2 August 2014


You may have problems with editing original pages (e.g Controls - is original English, but page will redirect you to Controls/en or other language code. For edit original page you may click to redirect link at header OR just add ?action=edit to adress filed - http://rimworldwiki.com/Controls?action=edit)
Also we need to do something with templates. Simple translation with include not work, need new solution..
{{TNT|static template with translation}}
{{TNT|nav storytellers}}

Important! When you translate for e.g Boomrat from English to your language, you'll see at 2nd line lang.code (en), you need to change it to your own at lower case.
For example above it will be fr, its necessary measure for include localized template.
AcDie | talkcontribs 09:45, 7 March 2014

Category translation testing - sample

AcDie | talkcontribs 11:22, 7 March 2014

Ok, here we go.. simple example what to do with categories: In english we have category Food, so when you translate it to your own language (Pożywienie (PL) or Nourriture (FR)) page for it doesn't exist ofc ;)

So to remove red links aka page not exist i used english one as parent - Пища (RU)

AcDie | talkcontribs 15:30, 10 March 2014

I've been trying to figure out translation best practices from the docs and existing pages. It seems the base page should be in English and surrounded by <translate> tags, and this creates an identical /en page that you get redirected to if your language is English (likewise with other languages once a /fr, /ru etc. page is created). So far so good. But my question is, what happens when the base page and the /en page get out of sync? It would be best if the /en page was always auto-updated to a copy of the base page minus the <translate> tags. I hate duplication so I tested changing the base page to just a template-include of the /en page, within <translate> tags. It works but I'm not sure if it would mess with the translation workflow (I'm not a registered translator so I can't test it). Any advice?

-Del. (talk)18:10, 8 July 2014

So does anyone have an answer to the above? Also visiting the wiki today I find that the language redirection seems completely gone; all pages in all languages now lead to the base versions (not /en or any language-specific page). This happens whether I set my language preferences to English or other languages.

BTW if there's a better forum than this talk page for translation issues please let me know. I'd like to make sweeping edits to update articles to the latest versions, and this translation-workflow business is kind of holding me back. Thanks!

-Del. (talk)21:27, 26 July 2014

The translation systems were not working well, to the point of actually downing the web server on many occasions (thus taking down the forums, blog, etc as well). So I just removed them all. In fact, a few days ago I did big a cleaning and ripped out a lot of old broken content and plugins. As of now, the wiki is English language-only, and there are still a bunch of leftover bits and pieces from the translation plugins to get cleaned up.

We'll look at doing proper multilanguage wikis later, probably in the Wikipedia style where they have them on different domains. This <translate> tag business was nice in theory, but not a workable design.

TynanSylvester (talk)14:37, 27 July 2014

Thanks Tynan, it's nice to get a response directly from you. I agree that the <translate> implementation was over-complicated. Hopefully we'll be able to migrate the existing translations to the next system.

-Del. (talk)03:08, 28 July 2014

Tynan and Del, I doubt I'm the only user that didn't use the translation system in the first place, so I made my edits on the /en pages which now look completely different than the base pages. Should we start migrating the code from the /en pages to the base pages then?

Snickers10m (talk)03:11, 28 July 2014

Missing changes

There are several pages I made significant changes too a few weeks ago that now have no record of those changes... I think this started happening when the giant list of Text replacement - "" to "" edits started happening. Did the servers roll back or something? Anyone know what's going on?

Snickers10m (talk)03:06, 28 July 2014

Sorry - ignore/delete this message if you can. All my edits were on the /en page, and I was going to the main pages.

Snickers10m (talk)03:07, 28 July 2014

Random page vs. pages of different languages

I have a problem with the "Random page" button (in left sidebar) quite frequently it brings me to Russian or French versions of a page and I don't know any of those languages, of cause it is just to try the random button again, but it would be nice to have this inconvenience eliminated, and only have it randomly choose pages of a selected language.

Sebbes333 (talk)20:41, 15 July 2014

Please remove this duplicate if you know how to do that.

Sebbes333 (talk)20:42, 15 July 2014

Random page vs. pages of different languages

I have a problem with the "Random page" button (in left sidebar) quite frequently it brings me to Russian or French versions of a page and I don't know any of those languages, of cause it is just to try the random button again, but it would be nice to have this inconvenience eliminated, and only have it randomly choose pages of a selected language.

Sebbes333 (talk)20:41, 15 July 2014

Category Portal

Hi contributors! I was visiting the All Categories Special Page because I like to use that as a starting place to find out where I can help out next, and I was bombarded by a jumbling of translations, internal categories, modding categories, and unrelated categories. Would anyone be opposed to a Category Portal page that sorts the categories into nice-looking sets like:

  • Game Details
    • Sprites categories
      • Category: Characters
      • Category: Animals
    • Objects categories
      • Category: Items
      • Category: Buildings
    • Mechanics categories
      • Category: Research
      • Category: AI
  • Game Analysis
    • Version
    • Strategies
  • Modding
    • Tutorials
    • Resources
  • Wiki Data
    • Files
    • Images
  • Wiki Technical Pages
    • Wikimedia Pages
    • Templates and Structured Pages
    • User and Discussion

That's a preview/estimation, obviously. A little more time would have to be put into organizing it.

I just feel we need this so we don't have to deal with this list that has "Pages with too many expensive parser function calls‏‎ (2 members)" right next to "Plants‏‎ (46 members)".

Snickers10m (talk)04:44, 10 July 2014

Category Portal is done. I didn't touch the translated categories, however, because unlike pagenames where they just have a different "/lang" tag on the end, categories are in a completely different language. So if anyone wants to add their translated categories to the organized page, please do so under a new title/section of your language.


Snickers10m (talk)04:19, 11 July 2014

Signature template


With timestamp[edit]

{{subst:signature|your_user_name|1}} User | talkcontribs | 03:54, 7 November 2013 UTC

Without timestamp[edit]

{{subst:signature|your_user_name|}} User | talkcontribs

AcDie | talkcontribs 09:46, 7 March 2014

At this moment it's better to keep all kinds of meals/meats etc. at one place. When wiki will be bigger we can separate them

GlobusGames | talkcontribs 18:29, 6 March 2014

Yes, I first made different pages for the meals, but now I'm trying to collect all kinds of food under the Meals page.

Sebbes333 (talk)20:01, 6 March 2014

Last edit extension

Is it possible to install this extension: mw:Extension:LastModified ?

-- GlobusGames16:48, 19 January 2014


AcDie | talkcontribs | 21:59, 19 января 2014 UTC21:59, 19 January 2014