Psychic animal pulser

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Psychic animal pulser

Psychic animal pulser.png

One-use artifact that drives all animals in the region into a manhunting rage.

Market Value
750 Silver.png
0.5 kg

Psychic animal pulser is a single-use artifact, which can be used to drive ALL animals on the map into a manhunter rage. It can be used by right-clicking the artifact and selecting 'Activate'. All animals, including tamed ones, will be affected by this artifact. Animals will attack all humans, who are outside, but they won't attack closed doors (even if there are humans behind them). The effect lasts from several hours to up to 24 hours (dependent on the animal). It is a very useful artifact to raid outposts, because animals are usually able to kill most of the enemies. WARNING: Colony animals can open door to attack your colonist. Make sure to restrict them in an enclosed room.

Psychic animal pulser can be purchased or found in Ancient Structures.