Power conduit

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Power conduit

Power conduit

Distributes power.

1 ˣ 1
Steel 1
Steel 0

A power conduit transmits power from generators or batteries to appliances up to six squares away. Conduit doesn't block the placement of other structures and isn't blocked by them, so conduit can be placed wherever it's needed, even in walls, except mountain rock and mineral ores.

Short circuit

If your power grid contains batteries with a stored charge of at least 50Wd, it is possible for a power conduit to short circuit, damaging a random piece of conduit and discharging the entire stored power of the grid in an explosion proportional to the amount of charge. This can be mitigated by building walls over your power conduits, though they will take some damage and be set on fire, thus it's a good idea to use non-flammable walls.

Short circuits can be avoided by placing a power switch directly between the conduit and the batteries and turning the switch off. Turn the switch on only to charge the batteries and to provide power during a shortage. No short circuits will occur as long as the switch is off and no conduit is touching any batteries.