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The only cause of Overdose is to consume an excess amount of drugs in a short time period, before Blood Filtration has the time to deal with it.

The severity of a Drug Overdose is determined by what drugs are consumed; with social drugs (i.e. Beer, Smokeleaf) and Luciferium not contributing to overdoses, hard drugs (i.e. Go-juice, Flake, Yayo, Wake-up) increasing the severity by 0.18-0.35 per drug consumed.


There are four stages of Drug Overdose in RimWorld:

  • Hidden (severity: <0.50)
    • No effect, within tolerable levels of hard drug consumption
    • Doesn't show on the health tab of colonists
  • Minor (severity: 0.5—<0.75)
    • Reduces the affected pawn's consciousness by 50%
      • Note this isn't 'Consciousness max: 50%'
    • Frequent vomiting
      • Every 0.3 days (4.8h) on average
  • Major (severity: 0.75—0.99)
    • Pawn will lose consciousness (Consciousness max: 10%)
    • Small chance to become fatal
  • Fatal/Extreme (severity: 1)
    • Overdosing pawn's body is unable to handle extreme drug levels, and succumbs
    • Still shows up as 'Major' in health tab