Mechanoid Disassembly Efficiency

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Mechanoid Disassembly Efficiency is a Stat: Multiplier on the amount of materials yielded when this person disassembles a dead mechanoid.


  • Crafting: 75% plus 2.5% per skill level.
  • Manipulation: 90% importance
  • Sight: 40% importance, 100% max

A colonist with Crafting skill of 20, 2 bionic arms and 100% Sight efficiency will get 70% more materials, this is because manipulation isn't capped while sight is, meaning that the higher the manipulation stat the more materials a colonist will be able to get from a dead mechanoid. Since sight is capped at 100% efficiency it doesn't matter if the colonist has bionic eyes, the outcome will be the same, but if the colonist is missing one or both eyes then it will affect the disassembly efficiency.