Long Sword

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Long Sword

Long Sword

"The ancient weapon of kings, the longsword can be used for slashing or stabbing and is deadly in the right hands."

Dmg Type
0 ticks (0 secs)
150 ticks (2.5 secs)
1 tile(s)
120 x Material Value

The Long Sword is the highest DPS melee weapon which can be crafted out of different materials. It takes 120 materials to make.

Gameplay Overview

As mentioned, the Longsword has the highest damage output out of any melee weapon in the game, slightly beating the Spear and handily outclassing anything else. However, the Longsword also has the highest material cost and a significantly longer crafting time than any other melee weapon, so you're essentially paying a premium to make these. High quality Plasteel Longswords can easily incapacitate or kill a person due to their extremely high damage per hit. However, it's not recommended to put a Longsword in the hands of an amateur as a miss with a Longsword can be very costly due to the long cooldown that follows. Longswords can typically be found on pirates and outlanders in the mid-later game or higher difficulties, and can give the colony an advantage in melee attack power if one is to be acquired. A Plasteel Longsword can handily outclass a Steel Gladius as it has pretty much the same cooldown period, but a significantly higher damage per hit.

As a Smithy-only weapon, the Longsword can be made out of all of the basic materials, with the exception of Stone Blocks and Jade. All DPS figures in the following table don't take accuracy into account, and assume Normal quality and full durability.

Wood Steel Plasteel Silver Gold Uranium
Damage 5 17 20 9 5 19
Cooldown 2.25s 2.5s 2s 2.5s 2.75s 3.38s
DPS (to 3 dp) 2.222 6.8 10 3.6 1.818 5.621

DPS figures that are bold are those that are viable as they are greater than the base unarmed DPS (3.279), meaning those that aren't bold should generally be avoided as weapons.