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Advanced helmet


"A lightweight combat helmet with a complex design, reinforced with plasteel. Not effective against blunt attacks."

Work To Make
Market Value
300 Silver.png
1.2 kg
Armor - Blunt
Armor - Sharp
Building Material (steel, wood, plasteel, etc.) 70 + Component 2 + Plasteel 5


An advanced helmet for protection, added in Alpha 17. It replaces the Kevlar Helmet from earlier versions.

Overview & Obtaining

A step up from the simple helmet, this is a mid-tier helmet for most colonist uses.


It is made at the machining table using 70 materials, 2 components and 5 plasteel.

Comparison and Conclusion

It strikes a middle ground between the simple helmet and the power armor helmet, being moderately easy to make and provides average protection.

It is the lightest of all the helmets, only weighing 1.2 kg and causes a minimal -0.02 c/s move speed penalty.

Unlike its predecessor, the advanced helmet is craftable with any materials in addition to the plasteel and components required.

Protection Information

Quality Awful Shoddy Poor Normal Good Superior Excellent Masterwork Legendary
Sharp % 16 28 34 40 44 52 60 68 84
Blunt % 5.2 9.1 11 13 14.3 16.9 19.5 22.1 27.3

Version history

It replaces the Kevlar helmet from previous versions. The difference is that it can now be made out of any material, requires 5 plasteel to craft and has increased protection across the board.